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Lovely’s Story

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

CatSwoppr recently reached out to Lovely, a nine-year-old British cat from Vitebsk, Belarus. Lovely has a soft, gray coat, and amber-colored eyes. She lives with her parent Zhanna and Zhanna’s mother. Zhanna says that Lovely is a very kind and open-minded cat.

Lovely loves to sleep, watch birds, and walk in the park, where she likes to roam freely. She used to walk on a leash but now explores the park herself. Lovely loves to be outside in warm weather, and enjoys the summertime.

Lovely has never had issues with other animals, as she tends to keep to herself. She is not fond of people, except for her parent Zhanna. When asked about an anecdote about Lovely, Zhanna recalls that once, when Lovely was young, she hid in a closet. Zhanna could not find her and began to search the streets, as she was worried Lovely had disappeared. Within an hour, Zhanna found Lovely sleeping peacefully in the closet.

Previously, she had issues with her teeth and with obesity, but she has been losing weight and recovering. Zhanna assures us that Lovely lives a very active and healthy life.

I’m sure everyone would love to cuddle up with Lovely, and I can’t think of a better-fitting name for her. If you want to follow Lovely and Zhanna and see what kind of things they get up to, you can find them on Instagram @lovely_the_princess.

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