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Memories of Beautiful Mei Mei

Updated: 2 days ago

Hello, pawrents! As Instagram users, you must be familiar with Chris Petty, a famous influencer based in Denver, Colorado, USA. An elemental part of his stories used to be his cat, Mei Mei. As shown by his recently posted reel, Chris and Mei Mei went through a lot together. The reel shows all the highs and lows of Mei Mei’s life: when she was happy or sick, angry or tired, Chris was there for her. In turn, Mei Mei was present at all the important stages of his life. Mei Mei was more than a companion. She was his family.

Blue-Eyed Beauty Mei Mei

How It All Began Chris adopted Mei Mei when he was 15. Back then, Chris was still living with his family. As Mei Mei was there for him throughout his adolescence, when Chris had to finally move out to go to college, he decided to take Mei Mei with him. His decision was partially motivated also by his sister’s aggravating allergic reactions towards cats. His sister was devastated to have Mei Mei removed from their household, but it was for the better.

Mei Mei Fooling Around

Mei Mei as a Companion

Chris definitely got the long end of the stick since he had Mei Mei as his loyal friend throughout his early 20s. Mei Mei was fun to be around. She shared his passions (i.e. she also fancied music) and she was his sustainable alarm clock (as she kept meowing loudly every morning to wake him up). She was also the best-heated pillow he ever owned (as Mei Mei loved to cuddle next to him in the bed). Sharing the same activities with Chris was simply her love language and Chris adored that. With her doting blue eyes watching every step of his, Chris knew that wherever Mei Mei was, he was safe. In his words, Mei Mei was ‘a reassuring cloud that floated with him everywhere.’