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Mia's Birth Story

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Anastasia and her cat, Mia, are from Ukraine but live together in Budapest, Hungary. CatSwoppr recently got to learn all about Mia’s birth story.

Anastasia and Mia

Mia is a Scottish fold who is about a year and a half old. After starting her heat cycle, Anastasia noticed Mia had pregnancy symptoms. An ultrasound at the vet confirmed that she was pregnant with two kittens.

Anastasia told CatSwoppr that labor was very difficult for Mia. Four and a half hours after going into labor, the first kitten was stillborn. Thankfully, the second kitten was born soon after, and Mia immediately started cleaning and feeding her, not leaving her side for twenty-four hours. Anastasia named this kitten Emma.

Sadly, Mia could not immediately enjoy the beauties of motherhood. She had to deal with postpartum symptoms, such as bladder issues and difficulty producing enough milk for Emma. Fortunately, anti-inflammatory medication helped Mia recover, and she was able to care for her kitten pain-free.

At first, Mia was hesitant to allow Anastasia to help her take care of Emma. When Anastasia would try to weigh Emma to measure her growth progress, Mia would hide the kitten under the bed. After a few weeks, Mia became more comfortable with having Anastasia around Emma and enjoyed being petted while breastfeeding.

Now, Emma is eight weeks old and fancies life with her mom and Anastasia. If you are interested in learning more about the mother and daughter, Anastasia shares Mia’s daily life as a new cat-mom, on her Instagram @mia_javelina.

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