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Mirto has more cats for adoption

A few weeks ago, we were happy to help Mirto, a woman based in Greece, find welcoming homes for the cats she cares for. If you need to refresh your memory, you can find the initial article here.

After the blog was up, she asked us if we could advertise other cats for adoption. Naturally, we accepted, so get ready to meet more cats that could become your new pet! Please note that all the cats are neutered and vaccinated. Hence, you do not have to worry about that. Furthermore, since most of them are cats who were saved from dangerous situations in the street, it would be better to have them live indoors rather than outdoors. If you are interested in any of the cats you can contact Mirto on Facebook at Mirto Pateli.


Pico is a two-year-old cat who loves to be solitaire. With a history of trauma from surviving on the streets alone, it only makes sense that Pico is hesitant with other cats. While he is not fit for families with other pets or with children, he is an affectionate spirit who can offer a lot of love to the right person. He likes to cuddle and he is very sociable with humans.

A cat sleeping on blanket


Sevah is a two-year-old cat who was found abandoned next to a bin as a young baby. Hence, she can be a little shy at first. However, after she gets to know a bit about the people around her, she becomes extremely loving. She is a good choice for families with children as she is a very laid-back cat.