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Mugen the Maine Coon – A Marching Forest Cat

Canadian Blue Smoke Me

Hi, dear cat enthusiasts! I’m Mugen, a blue-smoke Maine Coon kitten with a big heart and an adventurous spirit. I live in British Columbia (BC), Canada, with my cat mom (Mahm) and dad (Dahd). 

I just turned five months old and have already started exploring the outdoors as much as possible. I love turning every day into an exciting journey. When I’m not on an adventure, I’m probably thinking about my next one or enjoying a nap in the sunniest spot I can find at home! 😻

Various Environments Spurred My Curiosity for Adventure

I come from a nice place on Vancouver Island (BC) where nice foster parents assisted my birth! This place is called Slowblink Maine Coons cattery and they took excellent care of me. They taught me all kinds of things together with other kitties until my Mahm and Dahd brought me to their home. And now their home belongs to me.😇

From the start, my pawrents made me visit different places. These range from busy parks, mountains, and oceans to cat stores, and even dogs’ houses. In fact, I learned that dogs CAN be friends. Usually, I want to play with them but the ones I meet always tend to be scared of me. Experiencing all this at a young age shaped my curiosity for adventure. 

Anime Name

Like so many other cats you, CatSwoppr, has featured, my name is also derived from an anime series. My Mahm and Dahd love a Japanese historical adventure anime series called Samurai Champloo. They named me after the wild fighter from the island. He is called Mugen and he is the ~ main character~. I even made a post about it on Instagram, where you can see the uncanny resemblance 😂

People’s Cat

I can describe myself as a very curious and social cat. For instance, my battery simply loads when I am around people. Cuddles, belly rubs, you name it —if it involves human interaction, I'm all in!

I love my stuffed animal cat Dawg too. He is my best furry friend and accompanies me everywhere even to the back room of the vet where Mahm and Dahd can't be). My pawrents introduced him to me the day they brought me home and I don’t go anywhere without him now! I even clean him after every adventure together (here is a video)

Play> Cuddles> Sleep> 

There is a hierarchy of my favourite daily activities: Play> cuddles> sleep>

Whenever I can, I like to go outside but I'm still a  bit shy about it. The world is big and I like to take it all in little by little. Another thing I love is trees. Every single one of them. I always say hi to each one when we go outside. 

Bird Feather Hunting

If I have to chew my food, it's not for me 🚫 unless you mix a little bit with my wet food, then it's okay. But just a little bit. And unless it's those chewy churu treats. For those, I make an exception.  

My favourite playtime is hunting bird feathers. I can hunt for HOURS – even so much so that my pawrents get tired before I do…they have to take turns pretending to be the bird.

My Outdoors Training in “British Caramba”

This is how I got trained for the outdoors. Mahm and Dahd simply said that they would move to “British Caramba” to be outdoors, so I had no choice but to like it 😂 But I am curious about the world anyways. I really really really like trees– they are so nice. I love them all! (here is a video of me stopping at every tree to say hi)

My pawrents took me out on my first real hike in April when I was around 4 months old, and there were huge rocks and trees and lots of things to climb. 

My Mahm and Dahd have been teaching me to follow a path but I like to make my own anyways. Later on, they want to take me camping too!!

Often I hear people say that  training a cat to wear a harness and leash is quite hard, but my pawrents are lucky that I didn't complain at all. I was out on my first walk after three days of wearing my harness inside the house - I don't mind wearing my harness at all…BUT I HATE COLLARS! 

My pawrents always carry my backpack with Dawg when we go on adventures and I learned to climb inside when I get scared or tired.

The next big step for me this summer will be to go on larger hikes, go camping, and do lots of road trips. Maybe we will even go paddleboarding too because I am curious about the water. 

Be the Living Example

I want to inspire other cat pawrents to embrace the joy and enrichment that comes from letting their cats explore the outdoors! There’s a whole world beyond our windows that's just waiting to be discovered by us, cats. 

By sharing my adventures and how safely I explore the outdoors with my pawrents, I hope to encourage more cat pawrents to consider outdoor activities. It can really enhance our lives, keep us physically fit, and satisfy our natural curiosity! 

ALSO, I want to show the world that cats, like dogs, can also be adventurous companions. We too can love to explore and can be great buddies on your outdoor adventures.

Thus, to cat pawrents, I want to say out loud: DON’T BE SCARED TO TAKE US OUTDOORS!

To my fellow cats I want to emphasize with capitals: DON’T BE SCARED OF THE OUTDOORS! Adventures don’t have to be big, you can discover so much from short walks in your neighbourhood!

Thanks for checking out my story, you can follow me on my Instagram account here!

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