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Ni-ni-ni !

2-22-2022: Happy Japanese National Cat Day! Thanks to Mrs. Kondo, our Japanese cat correspondent, for reminding us.* Otherwise we simply had missed it. As in the Netherlands National Cat Day is on August the 8th. And if you were to live in Canada, you would be celebrating it a day later on August the 9th. The USA has its National Cat Day on October the 29th.

It all quite confusing these different Cat Day dates. Maybe we should look at how Mother's Day is celebrated. Because you can hear her say, "Mother's Day? every day is Mother's Day!"

*Sherilyn Siy, Japan Travel: ”More than 30 years ago, in 1987, the Executive Cat Day Committee in Japan chose February 22 after a poll of over 9,000 cat lovers. The date 2-22 can be pronounced ni-ni-ni, which sounds close the Japanese equivalent of a cat's meow, nyan-nyan-nyan. Hundreds of cat lovers gathered to reflect on the extraordinary virtues of cats and offer prayers for their pets' longevity. This year, 2022, is particularly special because the year can be said cat-like, as in, nyao-nyan-nyan, adding extra feline charm to this special day.”

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