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Nizia: a Balinese-Italian Kitten

Have you ever found a kitten on the street?

I have. And it happened to me while I was on vacation in Bali.

She is Nizia – the name my friend Maria and I decided to give her.

A cat sleeping on a white blanket
Nizia's First Picture

But let’s backtrack!

It was a quiet morning and after having a yoga session, my friend and I wanted to explore the Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali.

My mother died four years ago and she really liked cats, especially black ones, and that's what struck me when I stopped in front of the forest on my motorcycle: a tiny black cat, in the middle of the road, completely defenceless.

It was difficult for me to approach the kitten because the memory of my mother came back vividly as if she had passed away a few days ago.

But I could not leave her there, small, with her little eyes full of infection.

Maria is also a cat person. So we took on this responsibility.

We took her home, cleaned her the best we could and fed her with baby formula.

Two women holding a cat
Vera (the author) and her friend holding Nizia

I got a kitten, now what?

I was a little depressed because I didn't know what to do with this kitten, but I had the bright idea to contact Catswoppr!

Their page appeared on my Instagram feed a few months ago and I did not hesitate to ask them for help.

Their response was very quick and they referred me to a veterinarian in Ubud. The next morning we took Nizia to the clinic to make sure everything was okay.

Unfortunately, they could not accept her there, so they referred us to a feline colony: Villa Kitty Foundation.

Advertisement of cat shelter
Villa Kitty Foundation

The owner is a very sweet lady from Australia who was very happy to help Nizia.

After saying goodbye to Nizia for the last time - we thanked the staff of Villa Kitty Foundation and we returned home.

It was a short but intense experience. And I miss Nizia already.

You cat lovers can surely understand me.

If you are in Bali and come across a cat in distress, I highly recommend the Villa Kitty Foundation.

If you feel like it - you can donate here.

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