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Pay It Forward To Cats

Pay it Forward to Cats
Pay it forward to Cats

Helping other cat lovers around the world. Offering them possibilities to advance and enhance their continuously unfolding relationships with cats they love. Which cat lover would not sign up for this? Although Catswoppr takes the feline animal as central, it is us – humans – who need to make the first step forward. And this could not only benefit cats, but humans too. This is perfectly illustrated by the story in of Japanese cat lovers, who together powered medical innovation combating feline kidney disease and enabling human therapeutics fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2021 funding difficulties forced Professor Miyazaki Tōru of the University of Tokyo to suspend his clinical trials for a potentially groundbreaking treatment for feline kidney disease, a leading cause of death in domestic cats. Thanks to social media, thousands of concerned cat owners came to the rescue. Practically overnight, millions of yen poured in through the University of Tokyo donations portal, leading to almost ¥200 million in a few weeks.

Miyazaki believes that the AIM (apoptosis inhibitor of macrophage) protein (also known as CD5L), which is produced by immune cells known as macrophages that help them to identify and destroy dead cells and other debris, could hold the key to controlling and treating also a wide range of human conditions, from obesity to liver cancer. It is suggested that such a breakthrough would be a godsend for millions of dialysis and dementia patients and their families. Read more in the article.

Likewise the Japanese donating cat lovers, Catswoppr promotes giving back to cats. That’s why we hope you will join Catswoppr. Not only to help our beloved cats, but perhaps also equally in the long run other cat lovers.

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