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Pırtık’s Ongoing Battle with FIP

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Pırtık was two months old when she was adopted by her cat pawrents Tolga and Merve in Ankara, Türkiye. However, their lives were turned upside down when little Pırtık was diagnosed with FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis).

Pırtık was clinically diagnosed with FIP on April 27, 2023. As a result of FIP, she lost her sense of balance and has developed gait disturbances. Pırtık lost her appetite and has been losing weight at a rapid pace since her dreadful diagnosis. In addition, doctors found a swelling in her brain which, in medical terms, is known as cerebral edema.

Pırtık’s treatment commenced on May 1, 2023. According to doctors, her disease is sharply progressing. Pırtık’s treatment plan consists of a regular intake of supplements. Furthermore, Pırtık has to receive 84 intravenous drug doses and supplemental vitamin injections four days a week. So far, she has received 15 serums.

To ensure that these drugs do not harm her liver and kidney, Pırtık was prescribed protective supplements. Finally, frequent blood examinations at regular intervals are crucial to track her progress and address any setbacks.

All these procedures are, as one can expect, expensive and since the bills for Pırtık's treatment and medication are piling up, it is difficult for the family to keep up with the payments. Despite their best efforts, Tolga and Merve cannot cope with her increasingly expensive treatment plan especially given the high exchange rate in Turkey.

You can learn more about Pırtık's battle with FIP on their instagram page @fip.warrior.pirtik. Pırtık’s anguished pawrents are in need of the help of animal lovers and philanthropists. They currently accept donations via PayPal and GoFundMe. When you decide to help them via a PayPal donation, you then will need to write “PIRTIK-TOLGA” in the description, otherwise the donation will not reach them.

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