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Pollo al Limoncello; Pippa cookin’ ~what's your fav #recipe?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Did you ever wonder: What does Pippa… know, do, make, eat, cook? We from CatSwoppr have a very funny furry girl friend called Pippa aka Kippie Chickie. According to her Insta, this lovely lady is a real cuddly fluff ball with a love for grilled chicken. She obtained a Master degree in Sleeping, and her favorite statement is: a mouse each day keeps the vet away.

As pastime activity, Pippa and her meowmy like to go on roadtrip with friends in the PinkPurrsche, mostly to Bella Italia. They make hilarious and visually dazzling Insta stories about it, which are characterized by something you could call “Horror Vacui” – the fear of empty space. This means a colorful and tightly dense mix of texts, gifs, copy paste images, stickers, yes the whole shebang in one post!

They really enjoy the good things of life, the Purrmium stuff so to say. But, as you all might know: Et in Arcadia Ego. And that’s why Pippa and her meowmy share their secrets with everyone who loves to see the world through the same rose-tinted glasses too.

One of their arcane wisdoms to reach inner peace and Purrfection is to cook and consume this chicken recipe:

Pollo al Limoncello 4 purrrsons

Ingredients 1 chicken (approx. 1,25kg) olive oil 1 red onion 1 lemon big bunch of rosemary 8 bay leaves sea salt 30gr molten butter 1 glass limoncello Preheat the oven to 200°C

Peel the onion and cut in 4 pieces. Insert a cocktail stick into the lemon. Rub the inner and outer of the chicken with sea salt, and fill it with the 4 pieces of onion, 2 bay leaves and the whole lemon. Place the chicken on bay leaves and rosemary in a roasting pan, which is dipped in molten butter, and put it in the oven. Wait for a whole hour, at times, you may poor some of the cooking liquid over it. After one hour, you empty the glass of limoncello over the chicken and wait for another 15 minutes. And after that, it’s ready for your taste buds!

Serve with some home-made bread to dip the sauce, e buon appetito!

Grazie1000, Insta @what_does_Pippa! We now heard Pippa her food story, and love to know: What is your favorite recipe? Feel free to share it with us, and we will boost it on our channels!

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