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Rogue's Moving Adventure: A Tale of Feline Adaptability

Meet Rogue

Meet Rogue, the mischievous companion of Helena from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, our CatSwoppr’s founder colleague at the AFK. For 15 years, Rogue has been by Helena's side, bringing joy with her playful antics and affectionate nature. As Helena embarks on a house-moving journey, we will discover Rogue's perspective on the experience of moving homes.

Rogue's Story

Rogue entered Helena's life as a spirited kitten, earning her name with her playful and adventurous nature. Over the years, she's remained Helena's steadfast companion, filling their home with love and warmth.

Rogue's daily routines are filled with moments of playful interaction and affection. As a kitten, she would often scamper up Helena's leg while she was busy in the kitchen, craving attention and playtime. Despite not venturing outside much due to living above ground level, Rogue once showcased her hunting instincts by catching a pigeon from the balcony.

Even as she's grown, Rogue remains highly interactive, alert, and vocal, displaying her preference for cuddling by snuggling under the covers with Helena each night. Whether Helena works from home or unwinds after a long day, Rogue demands her fair share of attention, insisting on being petted and showered with affection before Helena can focus on anything else.

While she may not have been trained in traditional tricks, Rogue has developed her own unique game of fetch, eagerly retrieving snacks thrown into the living room and returning them to Helena, fostering their bond through playful activities and shared moments of joy.

Moving Adventures

In the transition to their new home, Helena and Rogue have been temporarily cozying up in a one-room apartment on the first floor, a change from their usual spacious surroundings which they were going to leave. However, Rogue's taking it all in stride! Despite the new digs, she's showing off her incredible adaptability and resilience, proving once again that she's a little rascal!

Nomadic Lifestyle

Having previously lived in various apartments before, Rogue is no stranger to change. From temporary stays with Helena's parents to sleepovers at Helena's friends when she was on holidays, Rogue has embraced the nomadic lifestyle with grace and finds stability in her unbreakable bond with Helena, knowing she can always count on her as her rock in this whirlwind of adventures.

Preparing for the Move

To ensure Rogue’s comfort during moving, Helena brings familiar items, such as Rogue’s favorite blanket and scratching post. Additionally, Helena spent extra time at home to help Rogue get used to the new surroundings.

Challenges and Adaptations

Adjusting to a new place can be daunting, Rogue is always a bit shy in new situations and extra alert to strange sounds. Eating, drinking, urinating and defecating always become more difficult for a few days. Nonetheless, with Helena's support and patience, Rough can get through these tough times.


Positive Aspects of Moving

Amidst the chaos of boxes and bubble wrap, Helena's looking forward to the stability of their new place. Plus, with a garden to explore, Rogue's got a whole new world waiting for her right outside the door!

Looking Forward

As they embark on this new chapter together, Helena and Rogue can't wait to see what adventures await them. With each other's love and support, they know they can handle anything that comes their way.

Closing Thoughts

Moving with a cat may have its challenges, but with a purr-fectly supportive human like Helena, Rogue knows she's got this. So here's to new beginnings, cozy cuddles, and plenty of purrs along the way! 🐾💕

You can follow Helena on her Instagram account.

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