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Special Need Cats And How To Take Care of Them

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Lots of cat pawrents are still not aware that cats can also have disabilities like humans and some of them sometimes questioned themselves “why does my cat look weird?” or “why is my cat acting so strange? Why is he/she becoming so aggressive?”, some aggression indicates that cats can also suffer from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It is because their behavior can be hard for us pawrents to understand. However, at certain points, there are abnormalities that are able to ascribe. Cats that have abnormalities or special needs require special and extra additional health care, although the basic essentials are providing them food, affection, and everyday routine.

The signs of special needs cat

The understanding of “special needs” is very broad, since it could be related to physical or mental needs. However, there are indicators that are visible and as a pawrents you are able to pay attention to these signs towards your cat if you feel they behave strangely or there is something wrong with them.

● Staring into spaces

● Cat becomes distressed when left alone

● Lack of muscle coordination

● Lack of basic cognition

● Failing to respond back

These are some visible signs that your cat might be a “special need” cat. However, there are certain cases that it does not mean that they are a special need it could be because they are aging and experiencing cognitive decline.

How Do We Take Care of Special Needs Cats?

Taking care of special needs cats is not as hard as you think! So, do not worry. However, there are certain challenges that you might have to consider such as time spending time with them, expenses since they need checkups due to their disability or special needs, and understanding the challenges. If you decided to adopt one, we recommend you consult with a professional to seek professional advice on how to take care of them. To take care of special needs cats you need to be more patient, make sure you always keep them inside because there could be certain environments that could be a potential danger for them, wake them up carefully, keep essentials near them and make sure you socialize with them daily which they can see you as a safe space and you do not mean harm to them although they have a disability.

Final Words

Adopting a cat with special needs can be challenging and it takes a lot of patience, but do not worry those patience can grow and create a special bond between pawrents and the cats. And, another thing they will be thankful for all the things that you have done for them especially when they are aware they are in need of help and you provide them that help.

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