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Struggling To Save Cats: How You Can Help Endang's Mission

Cats have long been symbols of independence and resilience and so is Endang, who is an independent volunteer struggling to take care of a few rescued cats. With donations dwindling and a difficult recovery from surgery, this selfless individual from Medan, North Sumatra (Indonesia) needs your help. Read on to find out how you can support Endang’s mission and save the cats she has been devoted to for years.

The issue

Endang is struggling to support the cats she cares for at home, as donations have been hard to come by and her recovery from surgery has been time-consuming. She has a hard time providing enough food for her cats and has no funds available to have them sterilized. Furthermore, wet food – which is crucial for the recovery of sick animals is simply too expensive for Endang’s tight budget. Without sufficient funds, these kittens and cats will have to return to the streets.

Endang is a genuine animal lover whose devotion to cats is unparalleled. She is especially touched by the ones living in impoverished conditions who are unable to fend for themselves. Endang is currently tending to 59 cats and has been struggling to meet their food and medical needs. To her credit, Endang has always kept her house neat and orderly, and she has always had her cats checked for fleas and worms even with her poor health condition and financial constraints.

Why does it matter ?

Saving stray cats requires an immense amount of effort and determination. Endang is one such person who sets an example for independent volunteers world-wide. Thanks to selfless souls like her, we can all do our part in helping cats around the globe. Now is your chance to join Endang’s cause and make a difference with your donations.

How you can help -

Donations via or directly to will help Endang make these cats' lives better; every little bit counts! Follow her efforts on Instagram @monikong for updates. Let's join forces to show these fur babies the care and love they deserve. Thank you for your generous contribution!

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