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Sugar needs your help!

Sugar is a one-and-a-half-year-old female stray cat from Istanbul, Turkey. She was found by her current cat pawrent, Sekar, some time ago.

Although Sekar confessed to us that they would never trade Sugar for the world, it was difficult to take care of her from the very beginning. Sugar had a myriad of health issues. Some of these were fortunately addressed at a veterinary clinic in Üsküdar, Istanbul. The vets discovered that she has a hip dislocation and several allergies.

The image above illustrates the heartbreaking condition in which Sugar currently is. She is a strong cat and she diligently undergoes every treatment prescribed by the specialists at the clinic.

Despite the vets’ efforts, Sugar’s future is not getting any brighter. She struggles to do even the most basic tasks. For instance, Sugar cannot use the litter box without help from special medication. In

fact, she needs serums and pills every day.

Her treatment needs to be completed in order for her to have a fulfilling existence.

We can bring back sweetness in Sugar’s life by supporting her battle against her illnesses. She could not have done it so far without our help.

Thus, if we continue to aid her throughout her recovery journey, Sugar will definitely keep bringing joy to her pawrents’ life for many years to come.

However, time is running fast and every second counts. So, if you want to help Sugar donate now. Click here to transfer money to her pawrents’ PayPal account.

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