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Surviving FIP with Gizmo

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hello, pawrents, readers, and people of the cat community. Let me introduce myself I am Gizmo, and I live in turkey with my loving pawrents, before I got adopted I was caged and I pretty much grew up in the cage from I was 3 months until I reached the age of 2 years old, it is really scary that I live and grew up in a cage for 1,5 years. And now I am 3 years old and live in my furrever home with my loving pawrent.


Before I got adopted I was not used to the feelings of being loved or being touched by people in general, thus, it is why I was showing tantrums when the first time my pawrent take me in and tried to interact with me. I was scared, and that was the only way for me to defend myself although I understand now that my pawrent meant no harm. Over time, I got used to the presence of my pawrent and I started to understand how it felt to be loved and felt safe around my pawrent. I am glad she did not give up on me when I was at my worst. And, as you are wondering what happened to my eyes, when I was still a kitten my eyes got inflamed and could not be saved and for my other eyes, I have very poor vision and I can barely see anything. All I can feel now is the love of my pawrent and that is enough for me to get by everyday. At the time, my pawrent decided to take me to the vet for a health check-up and the vet ended perform a test on me and the result was I got diagnosed with neurological FIP.

Now, for me, every day is a battle, a fight that I need to conquer. I want to get better, I want to be able to play with my pawrents again without feeling sick. Right now I am still doing my treatment, and it is GS treatment that is advised by the vet, I have to get an injection each time, and currently, I am outpatient which means my pawrents is the one who takes care of me with all of the medications and injections that are advised by the vet to keep me strong from the FIP effect and symptoms.

(Gizmo at the vet check-up)

Dear pawrent, readers, and people of the cat community. My pawrent cannot do this by herself and I need your support to help me fight and win this battle of conquering my FIP. If you want to reach me out and donate to me you can visit me on my Instagram page @gizmoyasamakistiyor

Any kind of support and donations are accepted, you can also ask about my treatment progress by sending direct messages to my pawrent through my Instagram page.

Sincerely, Gizmo and pawrent.

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