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Tatiana's Maine Coons

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Tatiana lives in Siberia, Russia, with five Maine Coon cats: Mitch, Fortuna, Musenka, Yanix, and Marquis.

In 2019, Tatiana started an Instagram page about her cat Bastion, who disappeared from her home in August 2022. He was “a very large and intelligent Maine Coon [who] taught Mitch a lot”. He would often go outside with Tatiana to sit, and even give her his paw on command. Unfortunately, Bastion is still missing.

Bastion (seated) and Mitch (laying down).

Despite studying dog breeding (with a fondness for Rottweilers) when she was younger, Tatiana agreed to adopt cats because her husband is allergic to dogs. Yet Maine Coons are “much easier for [Tatiana] than dogs,” as they are smart and easy to train.

In addition to this, Tatiana’s cats are very affectionate. While not all Maine Coons enjoy being stroked and petted, Tatiana’s cats enjoy the time spent with their parents. Her cats are friendly and especially fond of young children.

Even though the Maine Coons have different personalities, they are equally cared for, as Tatiana says, “the cats are now [like] our children”. They even protect Tatiana and her husband from other guests to their home, such as hawks, mice, and dogs.

On a daily basis, Tatiana always combs each cat after work while watching a movie. Part of the grooming routine includes washing. She washes the cats every six months to ensure that their fur remains luscious.

If you are interested in following Tatiana’s daily life as a cat parent and want to be part of her community of cat lovers, you can find her on Instagram @cat_bastion_coon.

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