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Teddy and Boki - Adoption Cats from India

Goan Cats Like Any Other Cats

This is the tale of Teddy and Boki from Goa, India. Teddy is a spotted tabby cat born on September 13th 2020🧡🎂. Boki is a white cat that was born on August 7, 2023 🤍🐱. Their pawrent is cat dad Dharmesh and he’s a chef cook. 

Teddy is a very quiet and drowsy cat. He enjoys eating, sleeping, and receiving treats.

Boki, however, is considerably more impure. Every morning at four in the morning, he wakes his pawrent. He is constantly hungry as well. Just like Teddy, Boki likewise treasures his sleep. Boki is in Dharmesh's care because Dharmesh's neighbours produced a kitten litter and Boki was one of those. Boki's two siblings were adopted by other neighbours and Dharmesh's acquaintance.

Together Being Lazy

There was not much effort or challenges in bringing Teddy and Boki together in the household. This is mainly due to the friendly nature of Teddy. Teddy embraced Boki when he was a kitten with ease. Ever since they first met, they have been playing together.

Frequently, Teddy and Boki do nothing but sleep during the day. They act like they've slept too much most of the time, yet they also play occasionally. 

The streets and garden serve as their playground while they play. They can be compared to night owls at night since they are out at night doing things their pawrent is unaware of.

Food Lovers

Eating comes in second to sleeping as their favorite daily activity. Teddy enjoys eating Whiskas wet cat food. He is also a fish enthusiast.

By contrast, while, Boki also enjoys eating fish he prefers Purepet dry cat food. 

Teddy and Boki’s Wish for Other Feline Enthusiasts

Teddy and Boki hope to encourage more people who love cats to become cat adoptive. They wholeheartedly support the idea of "adopt don't shop," believing, along with their pawrent Dharmesh, that God gifts us the love of cats, and we should be grateful for this.

You can follow their Instagram account here.

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