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Thanks to all caring cats out there

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

He is always there. He is a fantastic listener who occasionally shares his wisdom in a language foreign to me. When I'm ill, he sneaks up, close to me, and re-fills my soul with hope, and gives energy into my warn-out-body.

On those days when I feel like an old dishrag, down in the dirt - he is always there for me. The way he sees thru me with his almond-shaped eyes, tells me that he not only sees thru me but beyond the curtain that covers the entry to my soul.

My lovely furball. Oh, my lovely furball.

This brings me to the question, what do we do for our cats? Crappy toys from the supermarket? 2 minutes of playing every other day?

But I am also not certain we truly now understand the needs of our beloved cat.

Thank you.

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