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The Beautiful Life of Oliver the Kitty

Dear readers and followers, if you are part of the Instagram cat community, then you gotta be familiar with Oliver the Kitty–a respectable senior cat who has won the hearts of thousands of people.

Oliver is currently 12 years of age and lives his dream with his loving family and his sister Pixie in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. Oliver is a lucky senior cat who is surrounded by love, not just from his human family and young adults siblings, but also from his followers. His followers hold Oliver dearly for his inspiring journey. It all began years ago when he was a kitten living in a shelter with other cats, who, just like him, hoped to find them forever home.

Cute Ollie with flowers on top of his head

One day, his future family happened to pay a visit to Oliver’s shelter. They were looking for a second cat and when baby Oliver climbed up on their shoulders, it was love at first sight. Within minutes, they signed the adoption papers and brought Oliver home.

Although utterly happy, Oliver’s family was anxious to see if their other cat Pixie would warm up to him. During their first encounter, Pixie was indeed shy toward Oliver, but that did not stop him from trying to play with Pixie. After all, he was just a kitten!

(Oliver the pirate kitty!)

Oliver In The Eye of His Parents

Oliver’s family likes to joke that he is a cat who thinks or acts like he is a dog. First of all, when his pawrents call him by his name, he actually responds to it and walks to them. Moreover, just like a dog, Oliver begs for food at the dinner table and goes outside for strolls on a leash, greets his pawrents at the front door, and loves belly rubs.

Oliver's Journey With Iris Melanosis

In 2021, Ollie was diagnosed with Iris Melanosis. According to veterinarian James L. Vos, Iris Melanosis is a benign change in the pigmentation of cats’ irises. Even if Iris Melanosis begins, it should be closely monitored, whereas uveal melanoma is a malignant tumor, usually of the iris, that can be harmful to the eye, causing inflammation and glaucoma, and has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. Furthermore, the only way to be certain of a diagnosis is to perform a biopsy, which requires the removal of the eye.

In Oliver’s case, a dark spot formed on one of his eyes, distorting the pupil. Scared, his pawrents took him to a clinic and the vet recommended enucleation surgery to remove his right eye. Fortunately, Ollie's tumor never affected other parts of his body, so he has remained a cheerful pirate kitty ever since.

Aside from struggling with Iris Melanosis, Oliver lost one of his nine lives four years ago when he leaped out of one of the windows of his second-story house in the middle of the night and went missing for a week. His family spread flyers throughout the neighborhood and eventually tracked him down four blocks away. He hadn't lost a pound, so someone must have been feeding him. Scared to lose him again Oliver only goes out on a leash now.

(Beautiful Oliver before and after Iris Melanosis)

More About Oliver

Fun fact did you know that Oliver is the pirate ambassador for #OneEyedWednesday

The mission is to spread the message that pets with one eye, no eyes, and other disabilities are beautiful and worthy of adoption, medical care, and forever homes.

Ollie is also a guest moderator for @weirdwonderfulcats showcasing other cats' unique personalities or special characters to the Instagram cat community. He was also a feature of the month family on @Halos. And. Pawprints, an Instagram account that posted cats and shared their thoughts about their pawrents.

If you want to know more about Oliver you can follow him on Instagram @pirateolliecat. If you have a story to share with us about your cats, do not hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook 😊

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