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The Crazy Cats Project: The Largest Cat Sanctuary in Pakistan!

A Sad yet Fruitful Beginning

Adeela Haq from Kala Shah Kaku, eastwards from Lahore, Pakistan, started her cat rescue journey six years ago when she found two neonatal abandoned kittens on the streets. Despite all of her efforts, they were not able to survive. Twelve days passed for one, and thirty-two for the other. 

As regrettable as these incidents were, they also marked the beginning of her quest to save cats. Through the non-profit cat sanctuary The Crazy Cats located in the SA Gardens, Lahore, she has saved hundreds of cats during her six years at the job.

Bespoke Cat Care

At the moment, 230 cats call the shelter their home.  Some of them have unique needs like paralysis, blindness, FIP, and chronic kidney illness. According to Adeela, these animals deserve the greatest treatment available because they have endured so much. Therefore, her shelter makes a great effort to ensure that every sick cat gets the right care and attention, and they recognize the significance of feeding them a specific diet.

Qualified Staff

With the assistance of a qualified team, Adeela participates in a variety of activities on a regular basis. The shelter has maintenance and cleaning staff to keep healthy cats in good condition. They also have a staff member who goes around to pick up sick cats. Among other staff members, this group includes a dedicated team of veterinarians who take care of all the cat's medical requirements. For Adeela and her team, the cats are family rather than just pets. They are putting a lot of effort into making sure they get the affection and attention they need.

Raising Awareness, Being in Contact, Improving Facilities

Adeela and her team take part in various awareness campaigns. For example, they engage with schools to help the next generation of people to have compassion for animals. 

Ideally, they would also like picking up new skills and knowledge from other cat lovers around the world to help save more lives of cats in Pakistan. 

The shelter hopes to expand its medical facilities and focus on increasing its capacity.

Long Term Goals

With The Crazy Cats Project, Adeela and her team also wish to change Pakistan's extremely low adoption and understanding of animal rights rates. Their goals are to see every cat in a loving home and to raise awareness of the value of treating animals with compassion and respect. 

The Most Fulfilling Moments

Adeela and her team find that witnessing abused cats live fearlessly at the shelter and enjoying life to the fullest is the most fulfilling thing after a long and challenging day at the shelter.

Thank you for reading. Please take a look at their Instagram account and also check their GoFundMe page.

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