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The Journey of Meowth: From Stray to Beloved House Cat

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

In the heart of bustling Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, an enchanting story unfolds between a former cat hater and a stray cat named Meowth. The pair first met in the parent’s yard. As the future cat parent entered her garden, she spotted Meowth munching dog food. The cat parent, who at that time had a dog that was close to death, saw that Meowth was pleading with her eyes, asking for help. Whenever the cat parent looked into Meowth’s eyes, she felt a strong desire to help her. Day after day, Meowth returned to the yard, and with each visit, Meowth’s parent grew more fond of the stray cat, eventually developing a deep emotional connection with this remarkable cat.

Finding Home Sweet Home

After familiarising herself with her new home, Meowth became a house cat. However, Meowth’s love for the outdoors never waned and she still finds great pleasure in walking around the yard, sometimes with a leash on. Unfortunately, Meowth is now afraid of cars so she does not go out as much on the streets. Nevertheless, Meowth new hanging spot is the balcony where she enjoys sunbathing. Meowth is also quite the climber, and you can watch her in many Instagram videos fearlessly climbing and jumping around. Meowth even tries to climb on the grills of the veranda, which makes her parent scared sometimes. Yet, she is a courageous and fearless cat.

The Symbolic Yellow Collar: Meowth's Distinctive Fashion Statement

Meowth’s parent describes her as a nice and intelligent cat, with the ability to understand human language. Meowth, who can be spotted from far away by her pink bow tie or her striking yellow Pokemon collar, celebrates her birthday every year on August 15. On her Instagram, you can often find Meowth greeting her followers and wishing them a good day. Whether it is raining or shining, Meowth is always down for a conversation!

A Dedicated Cat Parent

Other than Meowth, the household is also home to three other cats: Tom, Bob and Luke. Tom was rescued from an abandoned house, while Bob and Luke are both garden cats who carry the weight of being feline AIDS carriers. Despite the challenges and adversities that each of the cats faced, the cat parent remains hopeful that the cats remain disease-free and that their lives will remain filled with good health and peace. The cat parent is keen on showering her children with love and care.

Social Media Mews

Meowth maintains an active and vibrant presence on Instagram, where the social cat can be followed at @qianyehuimei30. Through Meowth’s engaging Instagram stories, she interacts regularly with other cats and cat parents, as she enjoys meaningful conversations with everyone. Meowth's Instagram provides a delightful window not only into her world but also into the lives of her entire feline family.

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