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The joy of owning a cat

Many people prefer owning a dog rather than a cat for the reason that dogs are easy to teach compared to cats, people tend to think that dogs are easy to communicate with and bring lots of joy. However, that is not always true cats can also bring joy in their own ways! You have to remember that cats also have different personalities and characteristics. Then the question is what is the joy of owning a cat?

There are lots of joys of owning a cat such as they love to curl up in your lap at the end of your stressful day or your day out from work, the smallest acts they do like that to their owner are able to release the right kinds of chemicals from to your brain which makes you feel ease without you feeling the weights on your shoulders.

People tend to ask as well what makes cats great pets to own?

  • There are points to prove why cats can be a great pet to own one of them is that they are low maintenance, the reason why they are considered to be low maintenance is that you do not have to walk them every day like dogs regarding the activity you can always come up with something such as playing with laser for them to catch and chase or try to tickle them. And, they don't need big space! Which makes them perfect to be in an apartment or city living.

  • Cats are quiet, some cats do like to meow very loud but most of them are quiet, there must be a reason why they keep meowing it could be them asking for your attention to give them a cuddle, or asking you to play with them, hungry or they do not like being woken up from their naps!

  • Cats are independent which means most of the time they do not require lots of attention, as long you provide them with toys they are content with them. But, you have to remember that spending time with your cats is important as well although they are independent! it can create an amazing bond between the two of you!

  • They keep your house pest-free from mice or insects! It is not a secret anymore that they have the urge to hunt that is why sometimes if they see something either insects or mice they tend to catch it and bring them somewhere that you don't even know! However, funny things could happen such as they could bring the insects or mice that they hunt to you and consider it as a 'gift'!

  • Cats can relieve your stress and your feel of loneliness, according to scientific research, the ‘purr’ of a cat can calm the feeling of nervousness that you have and lower your blood pressure and also they offer you unconditional love from the bond that you make between them and the time you have spent with them!

This is why owning a cat can be joyous and not always bad, and you can also try to teach them tricks just like dogs although it takes up a lot of patience but remember! Practice makes perfect and your patience in teaching them tricks will be paid off :)

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