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The Story of Eileen Perfectly Imperfect

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

(Eileen when he was still a kitten)

This blog is dedicated to Eileen a kitten who grew up paralyzed but managed to be saved by cat welfare organization called Jack's Cat Cafe in Hoi An, Vietnam. Eileen was first found in Danang in October 2019 by a civilian who was luckily around him during that time. The conditions of Eileen were not good and he was far beyond perfect. When he was found by the person who contacted Jack's Cat Cafe, his condition was actually really bad. He was struggling to walk normally, and he did this only with one leg. Hearing the condition of Eileen, the Jack's Cat Cafe worker, of course without hesitation, said yes to take Eileen into her family. And this is when the happy story begins, where Eileen found his safe haven, family, and also people who accepted him the way he is.

(cheerful Eileen)

Before he was brought home to meet his other brothers and sisters, who have also been taken care of really well by the Jack's Cat Cafe worker, they decided to take Eileen to the veterinarian. The vets told the worker that as Eileen was to grow stronger, he would likely to have his leg amputated. Because one of his legs stuck out rigidly and was very straight, a leg without any movement at all: a totally paralyzed leg. However, the people of Jack's Cat Cafe believed that there should also be other ways to at least give him a chance to be able to walk again. They managed to find physical therapy and water therapy.

Eileen got into therapy and it led to good results, showing progress in trying to use his leg to walk again and move. Of course, it won’t be perfect, meaning there will still be a wobbly movement when he tries to walk. Aside from his imperfections, Eileen is a happy cat, he is always playful, cheerful, and sweet. He is a loving cat who loves to cuddle and he really adores belly rubs.

(Eileen exploring)

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