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When Compassion Meets Financial Hardship: The Challenges Facing Mellyna Putri and her Rescue Cats

In a world where money makes the world go round, it is challenging to balance compassion with financial hardships. This is especially true for Mellyna Putri, who has taken on the responsibility of caring for multiple cats amidst her own economic struggles. While many people may view pets as an unnecessary expense, Mellyna sees them as beloved family members who deserve love and care regardless of their financial situation. In this blog post, we will explore the challenges which Mellyna faces daily and how she manages to provide compassionate care for her rescue cats.

Mellyna Putri and her Rescue Cats

Mellyna Putri, a woman originally from the beautiful city of Medan in North Sumatra, Indonesia, is in urgent need of financial assistance to pay her veterinary bills. Sadly, due to the lack of funds, she has been unable to rescue more cats and many of her rescue cats have already lost their lives due to her inability to treat them. It is our moral obligation as a society to help her out and save these innocent creatures from suffering and death.

Mellyna has not always been passionate about cats. In 2016, she took a big step towards helping cats in need by taking in a pregnant mother cat with an injured leg. Despite not being a fan of cats, she found herself in a situation where she had to assist the pregnant cat in giving birth. With the help of an instructional guide on YouTube, she was able to easily cut the umbilical cord of the newborn kitten. This experience served as an unexpected turning point for her and soon enough, she started to develop an attachment to the precious little creatures. In time, this led her to make a surprising realization: that perhaps cats were not so bad after all! Since then, she has dedicated her life to rescuing cats and finding them loving homes. Her ex-husband was also initially very supportive of her efforts and together they had made a big difference in the lives of many cats.

As time went on, Mellyna's ex-husband kept bringing in more and more cats, eventually leading to a staggering number of 20 cats, all of which were treated like their own children. However, when 2022 came around, Mellyna made the difficult decision to separate from her husband and he no longer wanted to take care of the beloved furry babies.

The Real Struggle Then Began...

Mellyna, an elderly woman, has been struggling to make ends meet since her separation from her husband. Despite this, she was determined to help the little babies in need and occasionally worked hard to make a living. After receiving much-needed donations from other generous rescuers, she realised that this was her final chance of helping her cats. Previously, she had relied solely on her husband's salary for income but after the separation, she was on her own with the rescue cats.

Mellyna underwent a challenging divorce and decided to move from the city to a village. In addition, she was required to relocate with her now 50 cats and take residence with her mother. She rented out her city apartment when she moved to the village for three months. Access to vet services and pet shops was near impossible in the village, which made medical care for these animals very limited. Hence, after three months, she decided it was time to return to the city.

Since then, Mellyna has faced increasing financial difficulty due to mounting vet bills. As her customers became aware of her rescue cats, they started questioning if her business meets the proper hygiene standards. Thus, she was forced to give up her business which was in the frozen food sector.

The Current Situation

Out of the 50 cats that reside in the small abode they share, two are going to vets: Mpok Lela has a dry FIP diagnosis, and Butet who recently overcame wet FIP but needs treatment concerning pancreas and hernia. Other cats, like Unyil, turned seven this year. Ucil, on the other hand, tragically perished with six kittens due to feline panleukopenia virus, though one of her kitten survived. One cat which got lucky was Zorro. He was adopted by Mellyna’s neighbor who wanted to help Mellyna because Zorro wasn’t a fan of the overcrowding of the cats at Mellyna’s place. But not for long, the neighbors started to complain that Zorro fought with wild cats, and, so for his safety, Mellyna took him back again.

Mellyna is asking for donations to help provide food and health services for these cats. Despite her original distaste for cats, she is now deeply emotionally invested when any cat needs rescuing from an abusive home or off the streets. Donations can give these rescue animals a chance at healthier lives but financial concerns do not allow Mellyna the luxury of taking in more rescues. So your donations can make all the difference!

Donations are now accepted for cat food, medicine, and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) services. Your generous contribution can be made to BCA/3831782844 or at To learn more about TNR and associated initiatives, please visit @mellylovecats on Instagram. On behalf of the furry beneficiaries, we thank you in advance for your kind donation!

Zorro, Unyil and Ucil

Meet Momo!


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