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Would You Vote for Eric?!

Social Star

On social media, you come across a myriad of undiscovered gems of cat content that you may never have heard of before.

Today we give the stage to The National Cat Awards, and in particular, one of the nominees in the Social Star category: Eric.

This amazing ginger cat lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom. He is master over his butlers, Paul and Helen. His mammy is the well-acclaimed author Helen Aitchison, and Eric even appears in some of her books. In addition, she has written poems about Eric that have been published.

Eric's birthday is a bit of a mystery. His parents have had to make up a birthday for him because they do not know what it is. On December 25, the veterinarian estimated Eric to be four years old based on his size.

Eric and mammy Helen

The National Cat Awards

Before we tell Eric's story in more detail, we would love to offer you more pieces of information about the British National Cat Awards. It is an annual event organized by the charity Cats Protection. The Awards receive national attention and are important enough a phenomenon to even be highlighted by the BBC.

A range of amazing felines has been selected as finalists, from ones that spread cheer wherever they go to caring cats who provide comfort in times of need. There are four competition categories: Family Furever, Cat Colleagues, Social Star and Moggy Marvels. Our furry friend Eric is nominated as Social Star.

The National Cat Awards 2023 will be presented by best-selling author, TV presenter, and renowned cat lady Dawn O’Porter. She has told the press that she is really looking forward to hearing all the amazing stories of the nominees. We wonder how she will react to Eric’s tale…

Harsh Times, Street Smart

Before Eric met his lovely purrents, he lived on the streets of Newcastle, looking for shelter, food and a family. For so long, he was hungry, thirsty and completely lost. Inadvertently he caught cat flu on the streets. Luckily, Eric was picked up by a kind lady in late 2019, and she took him to a cat sanctuary charity.

There at the sanctuary charity, they looked after him. However, they also had around 20 other stray cats living on the property. So, he still had to fight for space to sleep and try and eat as much as he could. Fate struck again, and Eric caught cat flu two times in a row and almost nearly died. His condition was so poor, that even the people at the charity were surprised at his strength for surviving.

Loud, Loving, Insatiate

Eric is known for his big heart with little legs. He is very affectionate and cuddly. At times, he can be quite needy and prefers to be in their company than be alone. He knows himself, and he points to his somewhat of greedy character in terms of love and food. However, in his defense, he recalls his days on the streets, being homeless, hungry and alone.

Eric’s voice is loud, as he likes to announce himself when coming back into the house. He often chatters with his purrents in the morning and evening, so they know he is around. In Erics own purrwords: “I’m no shrinking violet.”

Cover Model vs. Pickle and Ricky Gervais

At one point, Eric had been asked to feature in The Community Cat Magazine. A fabulous piece was written about him. When Eric’s purrents Paul and Helen got the magazine, they found out Eric was to be the cover image. They were so delighted, and Eric kept his cool as a cat even if he was burning with pride.

However, there was another famous cat featured in the magazine, Pickle with his toy Mr Taco. The thing is, Pickle happens to be parented by Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon. Actually, Pickle was tremendously furious that Eric was on the cover and he, Ricky and Jane were not. Eric, Pickle and his toy – Mr Taco - exchanged some words via Twitter.

How Eric Became 2023 Finalist

Eric’s cat daddy Paul manages Eric’s social media and together they read stories online and on the cat's protection website. They saw the finalist from 2022 and thought how wonderful it would be to apply and be an advocate for homeless cats in the UK. Eric never thought of being chosen, but one day, Paul received a call and was informed that Eric had made the final three within the Social Star category.

Eric was overwhelmed with the pawesome news. Since then, he has shared his news across all his social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram and most recently also TikTok. He receives lots of pawsitive feedback and support in his campaign to get his paws on the trophy and lift it for all rescue cats out there.

His purrents have visited local Cat Protection rescue centres and charities to meet with their staff; they have been pawesome in providing support, in terms of voting and displaying Eric’s posters.

Eric has also been featured in various local newspapers, and BBC Newcastle visited his home to interview him. He was a little shy, so his purrents did most of the talking.

Eric and daddy Paul

Daily Life as a Furrmous Rising Online Star

Eric admits that he enjoys the media spotlight and has been asked several times for his pawtagraph. He has made many new furriends on social media, who have championed him purrfectly on his road to stardom.

His aim is to get his paw printed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which he thinks is fast becoming a reality. Eric would love to become a global su-paw star.

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Eric has one message he would like to share with his fans: Adopt, don’t shop! It is as simple as that. You see, if Eric had not been adopted back in 2020, he could well be dead now or living a miserable existence on the rainy dark streets of Newcastle.

Vote Now!

You can Vote for Eric here till June 30! Every vote will encourages him to advocate for homeless cats in the UK.

We hope you enjoyed our story about Eric. If you would like your story to be featured on our website and social media, please contact us here We would be happy to be of service to you completely free of charge!

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