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A sincere Singaporean effort

Updated: 2 days ago

Singapore is a nation known for its spellbinding infrastructure, noteworthy commerce, and affluent lifestyles. However, it is a charitable cause by the name of Project LUNI that has impressed us the most today.

Feline family

Project LUNI is a registered NGO helping street cats in Singapore since 2016. We connected with Audrey, a volunteer from Project LUNI. Audrey offered to narrate the sequence of events that eventually inspired her into joining the organization. It was in the midst of 2021 that Audrey decided to adopt cats. She says she wanted to build her 'feline family’. It was at this point that she stumbled upon Project LUNI and decided to contact them to seek help with adoption. With the relentless effort of a dedicated group of members from Project LUNI, she was able to adopt two cats- Cardamom and Chamomile. True to their names, Audrey says her cats are now an inseparable couple. They have bonded beautifully over the past year and a half. Before Cardamom and Chamomile found their furrever home and their living mother, they were living on a local farm. However, Cardamom and Chamomile found themselves on the verge of becoming homeless when the farmland was reclaimed and closed down. Luckily, Cardamom and Chamomile were safely handed over to Project LUNI by a kind individual. They were then placed under the care of a loving and patient fosterer associated with the organization prior to their adoption. It is Cardamom and Chamomile's shyness and sweet temper that impressed their mother. Since being adopted, the two cats have grown very fond of the hoomans in their family.

A project of hope

But the Audrey's story does not end there. She has a second encounter with Project LUNI that finally propels her into joining the organization. Audrey came across a distressed cat by chance as she was heading back home on a rainy day in September 2022. Audrey soon discovered that the kitten was limping. She rescued the kitten from the heavy downpour that