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Aijan's Special Story

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

This very touching interview with Aijan will give you an insight of her experience with cats and the work she does at CatSwoppr.


Katya: Hello, Aijan. How many cats did you have? What was your experience with the furry friends?

Aijan: I used to have two cats (Babi and Thanos) back in Malaysia. My friend’s cat, Rita, has given birth to a few kittens, and I adopted one of them when they were around one month old. I guess Babi was a mix of Mainecoon and Persian. I used to live with a few girlfriends, and Babi suddenly became the centre of our "family." She was too tiny at that time, so we had to feed her like a baby with a special milk bottle. We designated Babi a special decorated spot in the house! The girls even used to sleep next to the kitten to let her feel safe.

Babi soon grew up, and we found her a "boyfriend" for mating. The daddy cat was named Datou, which means "big head" in Chinese. He was one of the sweetest cats I have ever seen. They had five beautiful and healthy kittens, and one of them was my second kitten, Thanos. He was such a sweet angel who was curious about everything. His heart was so pure that he believed every cat and every human around him was kind and reliable. This is probably because he grew up with so much love: he was not scared but jumped like a bunny when we took him to nature for the first time; he was so quiet during his first shower; he did not even make a sound when we dried his hair with a hair dryer. For Thanos, there was no danger in this world. I forgot to mention my mom. She has never seen Thanos in real life, but I used to share with her pictures and videos of Thanos every day. She soon grew attached to him as well!

February 19th, 2021, was just an ordinary day. I and Thanos were in the living room. He was near the balcony. Suddenly, I heard some sounds of scratching, but I couldn’t see Thanos. I looked down from the building, but I still did not see anything. It was too high: the 20th floor. I ran down to the ground floor, and I saw him on the ground. I have never cried that hard in my life. Thanos fell off the balcony. He left me forever... And now I am in Italy and I don't have a cat.

Katya: Thank you for such a touching story. What made you get a cat?

Aijan: I like animals in general, and my friend’s cat, Rita, happened to be pregnant, so I wanted to adopt one of them. I really like cats since I always feel some kind of special connection with them. Cats can seem so cute and careless, but sometimes I feel cats actually understand everything just by looking at us.

Katya: It is great that you feel this special connection with cats like everyone here at CatSwoppr! What made you choose this job, and what is it that you do at CatSwoppr?

Aijan: Currently, I am working as a social media content creator. My main tasks are to produce quality content, increase brand visibility, and expand the potential of those who are cat lovers. I really appreciate this internship opportunity for providing me with a loving and positive work environment. I also got the chance to meet a group of cat lovers who appreciate cats. The concept of giving back to cats is very touching to me.

Katya: How was your experience so far?

Aijan: I like what I have been doing so far. Everyone is equally heard and respected. Your creativity is much appreciated at CatSwoppr, and this is very precious.

Katya: How do you see your cat and other cats benefitting from CatSwoppr?

Aijan: Users will be able to interact with other cat lovers around the world. They will be able to access all kind of educational content about cats and more!

Katya: How do you envision the perfect cat community that you would like to be a member of?

Aijan: The cat community that I would like to be in is probably a solitary and interactive one. I wish there was a platform that could help cat lovers address their cat-related problems or issues effectively. For example, some people have been adopting stray cats, and they need to find the kitties a warm home. They deserve a cat-centric platform like CatSwoppr to promote what they are doing.Sometimes you get tired of seeing these well-made cat videos. I would like to see the members of the cat community actively share their ordinary real-life moments with their cats. Those are the most sincere emotional moments that attract me.

Katya: Thank you for your lovely responses, and take care!


Aijan and I hope that you enjoyed today's interview and learned something new! Looking forward to make more interviews in the future.

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