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CatSwoppr Game Review: Cats and Soup

Did someone say ‘food’ and ‘cats’ at the tips of my fingers? Then sign me up! The mobile game Cats and Soup has all one can wish for: cute cats and delicious recipes. Most games consist of stories, puzzles, and a few challenging tasks which you need to solve. Sometimes it can take days until you can advance in the game, and rather than being a relaxing experience, it becomes frustrating. However, Cats and Soup is the perfect, casual, idle game to play when you just want to unwind on your couch.

(cats and soup game cover)

Cats and Soup, an Interactive, Yet, Relaxing Mobile Game

Like Egg Inc, Cats and Soup has few goals besides growing your own business (in this case, your own restaurant). HIDEA, the game developer and publisher of Cats and Soup, made the game more entertaining and not as dull as Egg Inc. The game lets you interact with the workers in your restaurant, who are cats. For instance, you can take a picture with your employees. When this option is available a small 'camera' icon pops up on top of one of your cats. Besides taking pictures, you can also dress up your cats, assign new roles, and go fishing. I also like that the cats themselves look cartoonish but not in a modern way since their bodies are round, almost like a hamster. However, their movement is really smooth for NPCs which helps enhance my experience playing Cats and Soup.

Cats and Soup Gameplay Mechanics

Cats and Soup is very easy to play. It runs on any phone with Andriod or IOS and you do not need any special skills. You only need to focus on selling the food which your cat chef already made for you. To sell the food all you have to do is tap the bar which is located below your screen. Selling food gets you, in turn, coins that you can use to expand your outdoor kitchen. As you progress in the game you also get to hire more cats to undertake various jobs. Nonetheless, you do not need to play Cats and Soup 24/7 to advance in the game as your cats will still be bringing your restaurant revenue when you are away. Before you exit the game, do not forget to treat your employees with the fish you catch in the game! Fish acts as a form of 'salary' in Cats and Soup, and you do not want to have your stuff angry at you for being underpaid!

Where to Get the Game and In-Game Transaction

Cats and Soup is free-to-play and you can download the game from the Play Store/ Appstore. You do not even need much storage space in your phone, as the game is designed to be storage-friendly. There are, however, features for which you need to pay with real money to unlock. Even if you have the free version, Cats and Soup does a great job of discreetly displaying ads. Never once when playing did I feel bothered by the in-game ads. Like many free games, you can watch ads to get extra coins, but the game is not too pushy about that! It is almost always optional to watch ads. This is refreshing to see in the current ocean of predatory mobile games.

(Cats and Soup camera icon preview and optional ads)

(Cats and Soup on App Store)

Final Thoughts on Cats and Soup

I believe Cats and Soup is a great game to play when you want to let your hair down. The game is aesthetically pleasing since it combines colourful cartoonish graphics with relaxing music. Moreover, Cats and Soup has easy-to-understand game mechanics but the game developers still left room for exciting interactions when designing the game. You can play this fantastic game without an expensive console or PC. All you need is a working smartphone and you are ready to play! My only wish is that, in the future, the developers of the game will update Cats and Soup with fresh content. I would love to be able to interact even more with my employees or assign my cats more tasks.

Will you download Cats and Soup on your phone? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram at @CatSwoppr. You can have a look at the gameplay here. On behalf of our team, thanks, Aura (content creator CatSwoppr).

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