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Press O to Meow

You just got back from a long day at work and you decided to take a break from everything because it's Friday Night!! But then you realize that you have to choose between playing video games or playing with your beloved cat, it surely is a tough choice to make. Well, you are in for a treat because you can do it at the same time now. Just last month, Stray, one of the highly anticipated games has just been released, and you may have heard about it from previous blogs. Although it has just been released, Stray has immediately become one of the best and trending games this year. As a cat lover and avid gamer, this is definitely in my game library and I'd be happy to review my "being a cat" experience.

Stray tells about the journey of an orange tabby cat who has to get out of an abandoned virtual city that is now only inhabited by robots. Accompanied by B-12, a small flying drone, The two of them have to work together to solve various puzzles located throughout the city as well as make their way through several obstacles. They will also encounter strange creatures that will interfere with their adventures. This game also allows players to interact with the city environment such as meowing, interacting with city robots, kneading the rugs, and many others. On each journey, players can also collect "memory" for in-game collections.

Stray presents a cyberpunk feature theme with a different touch to its character, of course, robots in the cyberpunk theme have become a must-have but not with a cat as the main character. The city environment looks very interesting, especially for players who will explore it through a cat's eyes, players will not only explore small alleys but also roofs and house furniture. The story narrative is presented clearly without any confusing plots and of course, the story will really touch the players, especially cat lovers. Stray is a casual game so it doesn't come with a difficulty level, so not only avid gamers can enjoy this game but everyone can enjoy it without the need to worry about having trouble progressing.

My attempt to keep up with the trend with the help of my good friend's cat, Pepper.

Stray has become a sensational trend among cat lovers, especially when people share their experiences of playing Stray with their cats. Some people also install mods to change the cat breed in the game to match their cat. Since it's hard for me to get my cat to play Stray with me right now, I had to ask for a favor.

Otis and Orin, as usual, dominate the living room furniture.

Personally, the whole game is not only entertainment for me, but also has a very close relationship with my cats at home. The orange tabby cat that the player controls in this game look exactly like my cat Orin, and the story of the struggle to return home reminds me of my cat who used to be a stray, Otis.

Stray is now available on Windows, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

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