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From Cat-astrophe to Cat-tastic: The Story of Snickers the Smiling Cat

Snickers is a calico cat born in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. Her life journey was not always smooth, but this remarkable cat touches the hearts of every person she meets along the way. It was her fierce personality that inspired her current owner, Kelly DeWeese, to go to great lengths to ensure Snickers gets a chance to live her best life.

June 2020 was a challenging time for Kelly. She had recently lost her mother, leaving her in a state of grief. In an attempt to find solace and cope with her loss, she took up running. It was during one of these runs, only her second, that a tiny, fragile kitten crossed her path.

Kelly was jogging past vast cornfields, and her mind was hyper-focused on the pleasing sound of their stocks rustling in the wind when Snickers, a small calico kitten, appeared out of the blue. She was alone, sick, and in desperate need of help. Her eyes were glued shut, her body was infested with fleas, and her ears ached with mites. Snickers was merely a five-month-old kitten trying to survive in an unforgiving world.

Snickers, as she would later be known, was in terrible shape. Her eyes were crusted shut, she couldn't meow, and she had severe respiratory issues, including sneezing. Her frail body was covered in fleas, and it was clear she was suffering. Kelly was approximately two miles from home when she discovered the distressed feline.

Moved by compassion, Kelly scooped up the little kitten and carried her back to her home. She gave Snickers a much-needed bath and, the following day, rushed her to the local veterinarian. The vet ran various tests and initiated a series of treatments, but Snickers' condition remained dire. Despite the efforts of the local vet, the situation didn't improve, and the bills were mounting.

Kelly's determination to save Snickers was unwavering, despite the financial strain. It was clear that this brave little kitten needed specialized care. After several trips to the vet, Snickers was referred to a specialist in Louisville, Kentucky, two hours away. There, a CAT scan revealed the root of her health issues: large polyps behind her eyes and deep within her inner ear.

The specialist recommended two major surgeries to remove the polyps. The surgeries were spaced six weeks apart and were extremely expensive. Snickers successfully underwent the first surgery, but the second operation had a life-altering consequence. During the procedure, one of the polyps slipped into her throat, and her brain temporarily ceased functioning. She essentially died for a few seconds before the surgical team managed to resuscitate her with CPR. Tragically, Snickers woke up from the operation blind.

The prognosis was uncertain, with a 50/50 chance of her regaining her eyesight. But Kelly, determined and resolute, refused to give up on her beloved feline companion. She watched over Snickers as she adjusted to her newfound blindness, never losing hope.

Remarkably, a couple of months later, a miracle occurred. One day, while Kelly was waving something in front of Snickers, she saw a glimmer of hope in the cat's reaction. It appeared that Snickers might be regaining her eyesight. Ecstatic about this newfound possibility, Kelly promptly took Snickers back to the specialist, who confirmed the miraculous news: Snickers had indeed regained her eyesight.

Now, Snickers is a thriving and healthy three-year-old cat, bearing her distinctive, always-smiling face. Her remarkable journey from a sickly, abandoned kitten to a joyful, beloved family member is a testament to the power of love and determination. Her infectious smile serves as a constant reminder that sometimes, in the face of adversity, the most extraordinary things can happen. Kelly's unyielding commitment to Snickers proves that every life, no matter how small, is worth fighting for.

All those present at the veterinary clinic will agree that Snickers' recovery was nothing short of a miracle, and her journey to health and happiness continued to inspire those who heard her story. Kelly, who had been enduring a challenging period in her life when she found Snickers, felt that the little calico had rescued her just as much as she had rescued the cat. Their bond deepened as they supported each other through adversity.

As Snickers regained her eyesight and settled into her new, loving home, it became evident that she was not your typical calico cat. She displayed a sweet and calm disposition, a stark contrast to the stereotype of calicos being feisty. She even had some endearing quirks that set her apart, such as sitting with a posture that resembled a human's. Snickers took an interest in watching television and enjoyed playing fetch, showcasing her unique personality.

Her joyful demeanor and cheerful, almost constant smile brought a special kind of happiness to Kelly's life. She couldn't help but feel that Snickers was fully aware of her love. The little calico has found her forever home and is living her best life.

Snickers' story didn't end with her recovery. She quickly became a star on Kelly's Instagram, captivating her followers with the charming and humorous poses she struck. Snickers has an uncanny ability to assume positions that makes it appear as though she were a human in a cat's body. She gazes intently at the camera as if she knew she was a star.

Not only does Snickers sport a perpetual smile on her face, but she also has a surprise waiting on one of her paws—a smiley face marking. This unique and heartwarming feature only adds to her charm.

Kelly's devotion to Snickers, both emotionally and financially, is unwavering. She recognizes that most people might not have been willing to invest the considerable amount she did to save a sick kitten, especially one that had a grim prognosis. Many might have chosen to take the easier path and euthanize the cat.

Yet Kelly saw past the hardships and the steep financial costs. Snickers had been loving and sweet from the moment she entered Kelly's life, and Kelly simply couldn't give up on her. The life insurance money she had received after her mother's passing became a lifeline for Snickers, a way to provide the specialized care and surgeries that ultimately saved her life.

For Kelly, the choice to sacrifice a significant portion of her savings was clear. She believed it was a way to honor her mother's memory by making a difference in the life of a helpless creature. Money became secondary in the face of compassion and determination.

Snickers and Kelly's story is a testament to the extraordinary transformations that can occur when we refuse to give up, even in the face of daunting challenges. Snickers, with her perpetual and smiley paw, embodies the spirit of resilience and the profound impact that love and dedication can have on a life, no matter how small or furry.

Their story continues to serve as a beacon of hope and a reminder that sometimes, in the most unexpected moments, we find our greatest sources of joy and inspiration.

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