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Human Creativity Renders AI Tool Obsolete 😊

Updated: Feb 3

Video is King?

At Catswoppr we are always on the lookout for the best tools to advertise your cat story! What other things can we do to bring our blogs into the spotlight so our clients' stories get more attention from more people? At times we tend to read less and less, there is only one thing and one thing only that counts in this “attention economy”: Videos. Or “reels”, “shorts”, “clips” whatever you might call them.

Aware of this shift in our readers’ preferences we asked ourselves the question: can we convert the blog stories created for our clients to video? If so, is a video a viable format to recap what can be read on our website?

AI as a Tool

In the last year, there has been a rise in the production of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools which translate text into video. But can we really rely on them?

One of our content creation team members, Asmita, put an AI tool to the test. After some shots in the dark, our team settled on trying

However, if you, dear reader, have better suggestions for us, let us know in the comments!

Our Experiment

The blog that Asmita used for our experiment is not about a client of ours, but concerns our own story of how we help cat people. We chose this blog because we realised that it would be wrong of us to exploit someone else’s story!

So, Asmita threw the blog text into the AI 'machine'. Curious to see the result? Then scroll below!

Naturally, as a Founder and CEO of CatSwoppr, I was also very curious about how AI tools might boost our efficiency in helping others. Thus, I felt the need to try Pictory. ai myself. I copied and pasted the link of one of our other blogs into the Pictory algorithm. I inserted a rather lengthy blog, our 2022 recap.

See here some screenshots which break down step by step what I had to do on First, I found myself testing some of the options offered. I made my choice based on pure convenience. I really wanted to find out the fastest way possible to get a video from the text inserted. It can be still a bit of a hassle as, still allows you to control the AI yourself and pick certain scenes, choose different backgrounds et cetera.

While was rendering the video, I jotted down my experience in this blog.

Laughable Humorless Result

As you can see, both videos show quite a laughable and at the same time humorless result.

How Can CatSwoppr Help You?

CatSwoppr’s 2022 Recap and Looking Ahead

To me, the results show that we could acknowledge critical views of AI from the likes of Dr. Jeffrey Funk. In any case, also other critics take the capability of AI tools, especially ChatGPT, with a pinch of salt.

Human Creativity is Priceless!

How do you feel about our result? In your opinion, could we have set the settings a little better for better results?

If so, we challenge you to remix a blog for us with an AI tool of your liking! Do not forget to tag us so we can see your results!