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How Can CatSwoppr Help You?

Are you in desperate need of donations to save your beloved cat? Maybe you are an independent shelter looking for help? Or perhaps you simply want to share your story with other fellow cat lovers? Then look no more! CatSwoppr has your back!

Who Are We?

Diversity, empathy, and above all giving back to cats. These are the core values in which the members of CatSwoppr believe! For us, there is neither any ocean big enough nor a Wi-Fi connection too poor to detain us from working towards our goal: making the world a little brighter. It might sound like a cliche, but we firmly believe that making the story of even one cat heard is a huge step towards a better society. We understand that pets are not just pets, and certainly, cats are not just cats. They keep us company, but they also teach us about life and they can even make us militate for important political changes. Aware of the importance of cats in our mundane lives, the CatSwoppr team is ready to employ its multicultural background to offer a paw when needed.

Who Are Our Clients?

So far we have helped people from Oceania, Africa, South America, North America Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our clients can be the average cat lover, independent activists, NGOs, influencers or cat shelters. Most of our clients look for a free way to reach a larger audience willing to hear their stories and cater for their needs. They are often in need of donations, but other clients want to simply share their inspiring stories and connect with other fellow cat lovers. Sometimes they also seek comfort within a welcoming community when times are rough.

One of Our Clients, Carmen, and Her Cat
One of Our Clients, Carmen and Her Cat, Maya

How Do We Do it?

After discussing privately with our clients via chat or email to better understand their wishes, we decide together on their preferred plan to market their story. We usually post a blog about their cat(s) or shelter and then we also market their story on our social media accounts. If the client agrees to it, we can also share pictures of themselves and the cats, their social media accounts and even their links to their donation platforms. Furthermore, we are open to collaborating with our clients more than one time. Each time you use our services you can do so free of charge!

Platforms We Work With

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Blogposts on our

  • NEW: TikTok

How To Reach Us:

You can e-mail us your story at, or you can direct message us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also fill out a form via our Linktree.

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