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CatSwoppr’s 2022 Recap and Looking Ahead

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Give Back to Cats

The year 2023 is knocking at the door and it is the perfect time for an overview of our accomplishments at CatSwoppr. First, we will review what we have done to give back to cats. Then we will also take a look at our future plans. We are certainly not shy about work in 2023, because cats deserve our support for all they give us.

Growth and Continuous Learning

This year was one of learning and growing. In the first quarter, we began searching for solutions in order to give the right direction to building the MVP. After conducting a few surveys on cat pawrents about their needs and wants, and after collecting some signups from cat people eager to be cat playdates, we decided to build our own audience of cat lovers first.

Hence, the CatSwoppr blog was born. Our Instagram account soon followed and, in the second half of this year, we also created our Facebook page. Moreover, at the end of this December, TikTok was added to our socials. To help us market our socials we have introduced a new visual identity of CatSwoppr. We will slowly make this change on all our social media pages in the next year.

In the midst of all, our business development team continued to puzzle over an appropriate service for cat pawrents and cat lovers. We even began collaborating with three teams from the high school Technasium Calandlyceum in Amsterdam to see how they would solve, for example, the problem of missing cats.

Building our MVP around the needs of cat pawrents and cat lovers will still keep us busy in the coming year. Because at CatSwoppr we do not embrace the usual capitalistic formula of other startups and so, making a profit like more traditional apps from startups is secondary to our vision of giving back to cats. We believe in abundance and therefore are confident that our mission of strengthening the bond between you and your cat(s), and between cat people, will eventually be beneficial for us all in multiple ways: mentally, socially, and financially.

A Worldwide Digital Home for Cat-Loving Young Aspiring Achievers

Our remote base CatSwoppr team grew, and dedicated young cat lovers from all over the world offered their help: from China to Turkey, from Thailand to Kyrgyzstan, from Morocco to Russia, from Gabon to Iran, and so on. In return for their enthusiastic work, we offered a plethora of final-year students a graduate internship. We are happy to see that CatSwoppr is, for so many young starters, a useful addition to their resumes.

Working as a Default Global startup is challenging but fruitful. An online meeting with people from Kenya, Jordan, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Romania may be hindered by unforeseen technical issues. However, the multicultural environment of CatSwopper allowed us to foster fascinating ideas. This became possible only by working remotely.

Amplifying Unique Cat Stories of Cat Parents and Cat Caretakers

In the third quarter, we started refining our daily operations. We are still building an app, but already want to provide a "product" for cat lovers and cat pawrents. Therefore, we began looking at ways of maximizing the resources we have available. For instance, we started to focus on amplifying the unique cat stories of cat pawrents and cat caregivers around the world. If your cat needs a donation for an operation, we will help its story reach as many people as pawsible.

We cover, however, all sorts of stories. For example, if your cat was featured in the trendiest music video on Instagram, we will be there to bring your cat into the limelight! No matter the story, we always write a blog post which we share with our growing community of cat lovers. In this way, we have already helped 32 clients with cats since September this year.

Our 32 clients come from all continents and live in Canada, USA, Spain, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Kenya, and Brazil.

The Year Ahead

In the coming year, we want to continue sharing our clients’ unique cat stories. We also want to build even better engagement with our followers. By doing so, we hope that we will ensure the growth of our international audience of cat lovers on our socials.

Furthermore, we hope to solidify the process of building our app in the coming year. We are looking forward to seeing how, next to Technical Advisor Magnus, our new CTO (Cat Technology Officer) Shrey, whom we have just warmly welcomed into our team, will use his talent to develop our app.

We hope that the work with Shrey is only the beginning, as we are always open to new collaborations and pawsible partnerships. We are still looking for skilled media and business partners for our blogs.

2022 in Numbers

In the past year, CatSwoppr grew organically in terms of its audience base. And we are still growing!

Around April we started Facebook and now have 4.8K+ followers. Instagram is at 1.7K+ followers. We have produced 96 blogs this year. And from September until now, we have helped 32 clients worldwide.

Our Gratitude Towards Past and Current Team Members

Most importantly, without the cooperation of past and current team members, this success in 2022 for CatSwoppr could not have been possible. Thank you so much for your great work this year dear Magnus, Saad, Catarina, Markisia, Panayiotis, Kateryna, Peter, Almustapha, Vladislava, Veronika, Ilinca, Olga, Naufal, Sherline, Ayijiang, Qian, Sofia, Stefene, Shrey, Tebogo, Gyath, Napat, Alparslan, Linlin, Andreea, Ivan, Vera, Aura, Ömür, Asmita, Simone, and Flavia. We firmly believe that cats all over the world are grateful to you.

Thanks and have a wonderful, catastic and purrfect new year everyone! Yours Furrly,


Founder & CEO (Cat Executive Officer) CatSwoppr

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