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Misty, The Story of a Catfluencer

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Misty may seem like any other cat on the internet: ridiculously cute, photogenic and with a lot of followers! However, Misty and her pawrent love to help other cats by reviewing cat products on Instagram and by providing cat lovers with honest, unbiased advice.

When did it all start?

Based in Texas, USA, Misty was adopted by her owner five months ago. Her pawrent had always wanted a cat of hers, but since she was a college student living in a dorm, she was not allowed to have any pets. One day, she managed to finally rent her own apartment. After she settled in her new home, she told herself: ‘That’s it, I will go to the local shelter!’

Love at first sight

Misty Demanding Attention
Misty Demanding Attention

Misty’s pawrent was walking down the corridor of the shelter passing cage after cage. Choosing which cat to adopt is never easy work. You may feel like you want to adopt all of them, but the reality is that is important to feel a connection with your possible new pet. This ensures that the pawrent and the cat actually match each other’s energy and that the cat will not end up back in the shelter.

It can be quite a traumatic experience for the cats to be brought in and out of shelters, so choose wisely! Remember, cats are not here to cater to humans’ whims. They are a living soul with emotions and needs.

In the case of Misty’s pawrent, she felt instantly drawn to her shy demeanour:

‘She looked super scared in the cage there. She had a sigh that said: “I’m shy, so be careful with me.” When I put my hand in the cage I dared to pet her. She instantly looked a little bit calmer!’

After this encounter, there was no question: Misty and her pawrent were meant for each other. She immediately filled in the adoption papers and brought Misty to her new home.

Adjusting to her new home

Misty Being Lazy
Misty Being Lazy

Misty is still very shy around people who are new to her. Nevertheless, once they win her trust, she turns into a ball of energy who craves two things: playtime and food. This is seconded by her owner:

‘She really loves attention so much. And she loves getting treats every single morning! As soon as I wake up I know that I have to give her some treats!’

It may take some time to help your shelter cat accommodate into your home, but Misty’s pawrent believes that the unconditional love offered by them is worth all the efforts.

‘If I were to give any piece of advice to a fellow cat lover is to be patient with your new kitty cat, even if it takes time. Sometimes it can take even months but it is so worth it!’

Follow Misty on Instagram for more advice

If you would like to ask Misty or her pawrent any questions you may do so on Instagram at @mistythetortiecat. We highly recommend keeping an eye on their social media as they often provide cat lovers with the best reviews on toys and overall with the best pieces of advice!

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