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Save Bihter from FIP!

In a previous blog post, which you can find here, we discussed the dramatic situation of FIP (Feline Coronavirus) infected cats in Turkey. After that post, a couple of our clients based in Turkey contacted us to request help. Among the texts we received on Instagram, we read the story of Bahar.

Meet Bahar and Bihter

Bahar is a woman based in Kocaeli Izmit, Turkey. She is the pawrent of a stunning cat named Bihter. His gorgeous dark-blue fur and his piercing yellow eyes are enough to make one fall in love with him. In fact, these were the ‘tricks’ that Bihter used on Bahar when he was adopted.

Bahar and Bihter
Bahar and Bihter

How it all began?

Despite being a healthy-looking cat, Bihter was unfortunately diagnosed with FIP. When Bihter was around nine months old, he lost his usual appetite. He became weaker and weaker and so, Bahar decided to take Bihter to the veterinarian. There they noticed that Bihter had a high fever and so, they began testing him for multiple illnesses. In the end, the grim diagnosis came: wet FIP.