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The Minds Behind CatSwoppr

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

This blog contains some questions to help people understand the general idea behind CatSwoppr and what it does for our furry friends.


What is CatSwoppr and the idea behind it?

CatSwoppr is a startup focused on helping you give back to your cat on a daily base. Right now, it is building an online platform for all cat pawrents, cat caregivers, and cat lovers in the world. On this platform, you can post and share your daily rituals with your cat and contact others about tips, tricks, requests and offers regarding cat care. CatSwoppr wants to be the first company on your mind when you think of our feline companions. Our team will provide you with a fun and handy app by being a sort of Wikipedia, Insta, and marketplace all in one for all cat-related things. CatSwoppr eventually intends to embody an Internet of Cats where you can swop the joy of taking care of your purrecious cat!

The idea behind it is based on showing gratitude and strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend. For the past 10,000 years, felines have provided humans with help, comfort, and joy. Now it is your time to give back to them. With CatSwoppr you can express your love and care for furr balls in a warm community with like-minded cat people. The platform offers you the pawsibility to advance and enhance the continuously unfolding relationship with your cat.

CatSwoppr has a very clear set of core values with its vision, mission, method, and culture. CatSwoppr’s vision is that Real wealth can be measured not by what you have but by what you give. Its mission is to be of invaluable importance to all cats and cat lovers worldwide. To do so, CatSwoppr’s method is to provide the purrfect match of cat care and help you need from or can deliver to another person within the CatSwoppr community. The overarching culture is to help create abundance, as a percentage of CatSwoppr’s profit goes to big and small cats in need via its CatSwoppr Charity Fund, a foundation in development.

How did CatSwoppr originate?

The story behind the creation of CatSwoppr cannot be pinpointed to a particular starting date. The idea originated from the creative entrepreneurial mindset of CatSwoppr’s Founder and CEO (Cat Executive Officer), Suki. The Indonesian-born Dutch can be characterized as one of those artist-turned-entrepreneur types of people. Of course, maybe not yet in the order of magnitude as the Chinese Yi Zhou of Global Intuition and the Dutch Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten of The Next Web (TNW), but perhaps still close to that. Suki has been a creator since 2005, building and executing brand new projects from scratch, with several small and large international exhibitions to his name.

In 2021, after a corona canceled duo show in an art gallery in Nijmegen, he decided to use his creativity not just to entertain a relatively small audience who likes art, but to really be out there for a much bigger and wider public, and to provide them with a practical tool that eases and brightens their lives, and that of their cats. Hence, this is how CatSwoppr was born.

Soon, the Swedish-born Swiss resident, Magnus, joined CatSwoppr as CTO (Cat Technical Officer). He has a wide track record of helping startups and, with CatSwoppr, has finally found his home in tech.

What does CatSwoppr do right now?

At the moment, CatSwoppr is building its well-thought-out online platform. Cat lovers already have access to blogs by different in-house and guest writers on various topics like cat health, cat playtime, cat culture, cat art, cat philosophy, and more. For example, you can find a recipe for a cat-friendly birthday cake or read about the top five must-visit destinations for furr ball freaks. Also, very personal stories are shared, for instance, on how it is to take care of and live with a deaf cat, as well as random thoughts on kitties.

Every cat lover is invited to join CatSwoppr and write a blog, upload cat art, show videos or pictures of cats. Anything is pawsible as long as it contributes to putting cats in the spotlight and being thankful for their unique companionship.

In addition to the blog, CatSwoppr entertains and educates the friends of fur balls on its Insta and FB with funny cat reels, crazy cat facts, and occasionally little surveys. One of CatSwoppr’s best viewed cat reels is a video of a sleepy cat (right now at 487k!). You can just as easily find daily cat scenes as well as amazing cat quirks.

Previously, CatSwoppr had collaborated with the secondary education school Technasium Calandlyceum Amsterdam. Three pupil teams from this school selected CatSwoppr as their client to research its problems and design solutions. A further collaboration with the school is planned for the coming school year on DIY architecture for cats using waste material.

Are there any other side projects the CatSwoppr team is involved in?

Also, the CatSwoppr Charity Fund is in formation for which the statutes have already been written. Three people have been asked and they have already pledged to serve as Supervisory Board members.

CatSwoppr Charity Fund invests in the wellbeing of big and small cats around the world. The fund encourages human initiatives that protect and preserve the feline species. CatSwoppr Charity Fund believes in abundance. Giving back to society is CatSwoppr’s way of expressing gratitude to the CatSwoppr community. CatSwoppr loves cats, domestic and wild. Therefore, the purpose of its CatSwoppr Charity Fund is to support a flourishing life on land for all Felidae on our planet.

How will the app benefit our users?

The benefit of using our CatSwoppr app depends solely on your preferences. Do you want to connect with like-minded people who share your love for cats through an interactive platform? Do you plan to find useful tips and tricks on how to save money on cat care while providing them with lots of love? Perhaps you would like CatSwoppr to propose more ways to give back to your cat? Or maybe you would like to get some tips and advice about your specific cat breed? All of these things will soon be available in our innovative app called CatSwoppr! Different than other social networks and platforms, we let community users have direct influence on their data. We will make privacy available in line with Web 3.0 developments aiming to build trust, so the user is always in control. Make sure to keep up with our blog and social media to stay updated on the launch and our features!

What does the CatSwoppr team look like now?

CatSwoppr works and has worked with team members from China, Cyprus, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Right now, our team consists of Suki, Magnus, Ashkan, Naufal, Ilinca, Aura, Sofia, Kateryna, Sherline, Alparslan, Olga, Gyath, and Ömür. Recently we had some additional help from Markisia, Catarina, Ayijiang, Peter, Vladislava, Panayiotis, and Almustapha.

Remote working requires a lot of effort from people, therefore CatSwoppr has its own team counsel, Olga. She is a certified coach and counsellor with a background in logistics and supply chain in an international and multicultural environment. Her passion, besides her Russian-Dutch family and cat Elmo, is facilitating people’s growth. She takes care of the mental wellbeing of our culturally diverse and skillset-various team members and helps them to establish their own unique way to achieve their goals at CatSwoppr.

What vacancies does CatSwoppr have now?

Currently, CatSwoppr has multiple vacancies in areas such as: Software Development, Business Development, PR, and Growth Hacking. We are looking for passionate, motivated people with some free time.

What would you get from working with us?

Working in CatSwoppr would give you an outlet to give back to your cat and gain invaluable work experience with an amazing team of passionate team workers. The fun and interactive 'default global' work experience you will gain while working with us will also look good on a CV. CatSwoppr is happy to welcome new members to our cat family!


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! Hopefully, we were able to give you a good understanding of what CatSwoppr does. We hope to see you soon in our cat community!

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