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Are You Our Best Next Client? Receive Our Service For Free Now!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

You might wonder, when is CatSwoppr due with its mysterious purroduct, its ameowzing cat app? Well, developing our MVP just takes a bit more time than expected. But the best thing is, we can already provide you a service. Hell Meow yeah! Get free aid from us raising extra awareness for the specific medical, mental or any other life condition of your cat or cats you love.

We love helping you to gain more visibility and publicity for your cat’s issues. Send your story to us, and we make a blog (and ideally also video) to promote your cat’s cause on our CatSwoppr socials 2K+ FB, 1.4K+ Insta, 190+ LinkedIn and my personal LinkedIn 2.7K+.

So, what did we do in terms of giving back to cats so far? Recently, we have been helping six cats all around the world: Evie, Ten, Gizmo, Oğlum, Leo and Fiu Fiu. Each of them with their specific issues, needs and desires. Ten, Gizmo and Oğlum are struggling with FIP, a coronavirus for cats. Leo suffered from Lymphoma and has now left planet earth for the Eternal Hunting Grounds. Evie has a diaphragmatic hernia, and Fiu Fiu needs to find a new home soon.

You may also use our media amplifying service, when you run a nonprofit cat organization which focuses on big and/or small cats. For example, when you are working for a cat shelter, big cat preservation project, or street cat feeding program, et cetera.

Let us know if we can help your cat, or a cat you might know that is in dire need of help. This thus, next to individual cats, includes nonprofit cat organizations too! We would be very happy to be of service to you free of charge!

Thanks in advance,

Yours furrly,


Founder & CEO (Cat Executive Officer) CatSwoppr

Fiu Fiu from Málaga (Spain) is searching a new home
Fiu Fiu from Málaga, Spain

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