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Oğlum, aka our FIP warrior

Hello! This is Oğlum (son in Turkish), a 1.5-year-old tabby cat in Turkey. Like most of felines, he loves tickles under his jaw and strokes along his back. When you are in his sight, he will either give you a sharp stare or get up and sit by your side.

Look how graceful he looks on his couch!

Smart and friendly as he looks, Oğlum was a stray cat before he was found on the street by @fipsavascisioglum. Eyes goopy and nose stuffy, he was taken to antibiotic treatment. Soon after returning to the street, he was again noticed with diarrhea and parasitic problems. Two colon surgeries in three months was a draining process and Oğlum never really recovered: he always walked with a weak and listless posture since then.

That was an early sign. Unfortunately, the stray but sweet marmalade hasn’t been free from pain and disease after all these pains. On August 16, 2022, he was diagnosed with FIP. Acronym for Feline infectious peritonitis, FIP is a fatal disease caused by a strain of virus called the feline coronavirus. Cats infected with FIP might suffer from weight loss, weakness, lethargy, fever, pica, anorexia, and ocular lesions mainly characterized by chorioretinitis, uveitis, iritis, keratic precipitates, anisocoria, and even neurological unease such as depression and seizures.

Yet Oğlum has been staying strong. Despite all the discomfort from the getting injections everyday and surgeries for months, he’s still holding onto his life. The instagram account translates into FIP warrior for his fighting against this deadly disease. He received his first dose of medication on August 18. After a week, Oğlum could already gather his energy and walk, though with shaky legs and almost fell with a shiver.

Within two months, he has almost returned to normal!

By today (September 14), he has received 27 out of 84 medication injection doses. However, the cost of medication has also been a financial burden for Oğlum’s temporary family now. Each bottle of medication costs 60 dollars and every three days use up one bottle. If the treatment is not continued, there is no chance of recovery.

Please check out the Instagram @fipsavascisioglum to follow up the recent status of Oğlum, where you can also find a link to donate the money of a cup of coffee (or even more!). We need your support to help Oğlum complete his treatment, relieve him from pain, and finally get cured!

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