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Cat Corner Stories - Part II

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Misha's Cat Corner Stories keep evolving on her Insta with new original content, not only in stories and photos and videos, but also with informational posts, containing valuable information on TNR, neutering pets in general and how to care for stray cats. (Read Part I here).

The idea for this educational material on her Insta came from recognizing the need for inviting and concise information in a place where misconceptions and widely spread false narrative affect the welfare of stray animals very negatively.

To increase the chances of actually reaching the people in the region (Saudi Arabia and the rest of Arabic speaking countries), Misha’s husband offered to translate her English slides into Arabic, since the latter is his first language.

Some posts do better than others, sometimes depending on the social media algorithm, but her amazing followers continue to support her efforts by sharing and raising awareness in their circles of friends.

Some of the informational content is also available on Misha's Linktree, made in PDF files anyone can download and share online or even print out to share as a paper pamphlet. Everything in English and in Arabic. The posts and posters always feature her cats alongside the text, which adds a special touch and also serves as proof, her information comes not only from theory and articles, but from the real life practice, working with the animals and seeing them thrive after including them in her small TNR project.

Those who follow Misha can recognize every single cat featured in her posts by their name, which is something that makes strays at Cat Corner even more special.

Misha loves receiving messages and comments from her followers, how happy they are to see Victoria, or how is Teddy doing, and how they wish to see more of Attila...

At the end of this year, Misha and her husband are planning to leave Saudi Arabia. It's been 3 years, and they always knew they would move to her country of Slovenia one day.

Once she knew for sure and had to announce it a couple of weeks ago, the first and only question on everyone's mind was: what will happen to the cats?

And that same question has been eating Misha away for more months than she is willing to admit. She did however form up a plan and the wheels are already turning.

She is now actively searching for a few volunteers to come around Cat Corner once a week, to make sure their water bowls are clean and filled with water. Misha is certain, only occasional feeding will suffice, since small breakfast portions did not make the cats dependent on her food. She is sure of it, because none of them are starving, the bins and leftovers in the neighborhood are plentiful. Her main concern is water. Life in a desert climate can be very harsh and she knows the cats' health depends on clean water supply as well.

Misha has seen people putting water for them on numerous occasions, but she also noticed consistency presents a great challenge to them. Not only that, but also cleaning or changing the water bowl from time to time. She always made sure, her strays had fresh and clean water available, and they were grateful for it. She is sure they are also healthier for that reason.

Hopefully, the potential volunteers who already messaged her to participate, will not lose their passion for it. Expecting too much would be destined to fail, that's why her plan is to ask the individuals to come only once a week and so their visits can be equally distributed 2 or 3 days apart. Misha will see, how things turn out, but Cat Corner will not be abandoned. Perhaps she can also count on some photos and videos of the gang every now and then.

What will happen to the Cat Corner Stories account is not certain yet, but she does wish to continue with her work in cat rescue and raise awareness for improving cats' lives, no matter where her address will be. Misha found her calling and there's no turning back now. So she hopes her followers – friends, stick around and continue to support her efforts to make the world a better place for cats.

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