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Double the Homes, Double the Purrs: The Whisker-Tale of Fritz and Bram

Our journey began on a farm in the Netherlands. We, Fritz and Bram, were adopted by a loving family of three: a couple and their son. However, fate had other plans, as severe asthma forced our mom to seek a new furrever home for us, her beloved fur babies 😉. When our current moms saw an online post from our pawrents, they knew they had found the perfect addition to their family. So, We, Fritz and Bram, began a new adventure, with two moms of their own.

The Perfect Sleeping Spot

We each have preferred spots for a catnap. I, Fritz, the curious explorer, love to perch on the windowsill by the warm heater, strategically positioned next to the front door. From this vantage point, I can keep a watchful eye on the comings and goings of the household. My brother Bram, on the other hand, finds solace under the couch when the house is empty. The couch is his  safe haven  when the world gets a little too overwhelming. When our pawrents are home, Bram enjoys stretching out on the floor with his front paws on the doorstep, surveying the domain between the kitchen and the living room.

Resign Playtime? NEVER!

Being young and, ahem, a tad bit on the chubby side, our pawrents encourage plenty of playtime. Armed with toys galore—catnip-infused delights, jingly bells, and the ever-enticing laser pen we embark on playful escapades. Our favorite toy? The elusive red dot of the laser pen. With lightning-fast reflexes, we dart and dash, taking turns chasing the elusive prey.

Pranks and Proud Moments

I, Fritz, a teenage rebel at heart, enjoy pushing the boundaries, especially when it comes to curfew. My nocturnal adventures often involve evading my pawrents' attempts to coax me indoors, much to their chagrin. Meanwhile, brother Bram harbors a secret talent for hunting mice, a skill he improved in his former abode. Proudly presenting his catches to his bemused pawrents, he revels in the thrill of the chase, oblivious to their disdain for his feline exploits.

Stranger Danger

Despite our bravado during playtime, we are wary of strangers entering our domain. At the sound of the doorbell, I, Fritz, assume my post on the windowsill, while Bram seeks refuge under the couch.

New Home New Chapter

We have made our way into the hearts of our two families. Leaving a trail of mischief, cuddles and endless purring at our previous home and continuing to give lots of love and, of course, mischief at our new furrever home in The Hague, The Netherlands. Through our playful antics and snuggles, we have shown that the true essence of home lies in the warmth of companionship and the joy of shared moments. Our journey that started at the farm has led us to our home, filled with love, laughter and many adventures, and we are grateful to have found two moms who cherish us as part of their family. So as we curl up for another cat nap or begin our next playtime escapade, we are reminded that home is not just a place - it is the feeling of being loved, accepted and cherished wherever our whiskers go.

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