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Hogwarts Foster Family's Muggle-to-Magical Journey to Find Their Foster Pals Purr-fect Fur-ever Homes!

🪄Start of the family🪄

Meet the Hogwarts foster family with cats Potter, Weasley and Hermione, as the first cats of a hooman couple from Ottawa, Canada. This couple has always been in love with the Hogwarts universe–even their wedding was Hogwarts-themed. So, when they found Potter in a cat shelter, who was bound to his brother Weasley and his half-sister Hermione, they knew it was destiny. Not being able to leave any of them behind, they went from zero to three cats in one go! 

Taking care of foster cats has always been a dream of the foster mom, but at first, they never had the space. Since the couple has moved, and gained an extra room, the fostering dream has become reality. The foster mom still balances fostering with her current academic pursuits at university, but this hasn’t stopped her from continuing this incredible journey with the three Hogwarts cats!

🌎Into the fostering world🌎

It has been one year since the couple has started their fostering journey. So far, the foster mom has taken care of five cats: three kittens and two adult cats. They work together with the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, an NGO whose goal is to get adoptable cats off the streets and into their forever homes. 

Being a caretaker for foster cats and a student can be sometimes difficult. Thus, when the schedule of the foster mom is busy, she immediately lets the rescue know. Naturally, she and her partner try to help the rescue as much as possible, and they are more than happy to receive help from their magical trio of cats!!

Potter is a bit shy but very sweet, whereas Hermione is a bit of a diva. She loves receiving loads of attention! Weasley, on the other hand, is extremely caring with the foster cats that the family takes in. He will be the first to help when he hears another cat in distress.

🚀Farina, a one-eyed adventurer🚀

In the year of fostering, they had the honour to take care of Farina! Farina is a one-eyed Maine Coon with a lot of energy and playfulness! Farina was found abandoned on a hiking trail. It was suspected she was used for breeding and got tossed out once she was not needed any more. They found her with a lot of medical issues, including severe inflammation in her gums and eye problems. This resulted in Farina becoming a one-eyed, toothless Maine Coon.

Even if she has had many medical issues, you wouldn’t be able to detect it based on  Farina’s personality. She is still a ball of energy. The foster mom told us that once Farina climbed on the highest bookshelf and jumped right down into a little tent. The tent collapsed, and the foster mon got worried that Farina might have misjudged the height of the jump and injured herself. Luckily, Farina went right back up the shelf to do it again!

They took care of Farina for three months, and during these months, they saw Farina recovering her energy. This made the foster mom and the rest of the family feeling fulfilled. Now Farina is doing well in her forever home, receiving, and giving a lot of love to her new family!

🍁What’s next?🍁

In the future, the foster mom wishes to foster more cats. But for now, she is happy to foster just a few at a time. She will continue to work together with the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue and take in cats whenever she can do so. She believes cats will be a part of her and her partner’s lives forever.

We are rooting for the Hogwarts family to keep on rescuing cats and giving them a new chance at life! We hope you are too and will follow along their journey on their Hogwarts foster fam Instagram! Check also the Instagram of Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue!

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