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Kora the Fashionable Cat

Introducing Kora the Cat

Meet Kora, the enchanting 2-year-old calico rescue kitty residing in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Adopted at the tender age of two months alongside her three sisters, Kora's journey began with a bit of uncertainty, as her mama was nowhere to be found. Despite the rocky start, Kora's story unfolds as a testament to resilience, love, and a dash of cheekiness.

Originally named Belle by her rescuers, Kora's life took a few twists before finding her forever home with Barbara. Renamed "Kari" by the refuge staff, meaning "from the heart," and also sometimes referred to as "Aurora," Kora's final name became a perfect reflection of her complex purrsonality.

Cat-astic Fashion Model

Kora's adventure began in the lively city where she formed a strong bond with her meowmy, Barbara. After a while, Barbara realized that Kora was photogenic. She went online to get cat accessories for Kora when she discovered stylish cats on social media and she came up with a brilliant idea.

After some patient training, Kora confidently models outfits for small businesses, proving that even rescue kitties can become fashion icons.

These businesses are, for example, the handmade beaded and jeweled accessories by Australian brand Kolié, the Australian designed and in Europe handmade bandanas and bow ties with genuine Italian leather by Majo Luxury Pet, and the fashion designs for humans and pets by Maggie and Co.

Kora’s favourite item is the “Bandana Lovely Kora” named after her and made by the small Australian business Majo Luxury Pet. The bandana is pink, which is Kora’s favourite colour, and has pretty sequins and flower details. 

"Bandana Lovely Kora" by Majo Luxury Pet

Now, Kora isn’t just your average feline: one would describe her as a delightful blend of shyness, cheekiness, and resilience. Also, the unique heart-shaped marking on her right hip adds to the charm, making her a special and lovable cat

While she may be a bit anxious, with time, love, and patience, Kora has transformed into a cat who enjoys lap naps, cheek, and back scratches, and the occasional playful bite. {Purr}

What does Kora's typical day look like?

Kora's daily delights include basking in the sunshine on the veranda, rolling on the pavers, and eating her favourite treats (tuna and chicken). Her cheeky side shines through, especially during breakfast time.

And how about during the days Barbara oversleeps? Kora takes matters into her paws, playfully waking her up with gentle bites and pawing.

How to See More of Kora 

Kora's story aims to inspire others to consider adoption. Barbara passionately advocates for giving a home to kitties in need, emphasizing the joy and fulfilment that come from welcoming a rescue pet into your life. Kora's transformation from a shy and anxious kitten to a loving companion showcases the positive impact of patience, love, and understanding.

Barbara dreams of expanding her feline family, hoping to adopt another sibling for Kora. The journey continues, and with each passing day, Kora's love grows, bringing warmth and joy to her meowmy's heart.

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