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My Magnificent Mochi Time in Marmaris

Meow from Marmaris

Meow there! My name is Mochi! I am a catfluencer and meowdel from the enchanting city of Marmaris in Turkey.

I live with my lovely cat mom Seran, and two other cats, Helen and Alice.

I cherish living in the sunny Marmaris. You see, Marmaris is nestled along the picturesque Aegean coast and it is famous for its honey and pine trees, gorgeous beaches and coves.

So, if you're seeking the purrfect destination for your summer getaway, look no further than Marmaris. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Enter a Pizza, Enter Me

Now I feel like luck is on my side. Previously, I lived somewhere else as a house cat, but sadly got abandoned. Some harsh days and nights followed, with me wandering the streets of Marmaris on my own. As an eleven-month-old cat, I had to navigate the city using my feline intuition to survive.

Like a descendant from ancient fearsome predators, my opportunistic way of hunting got me far and secured me a safe new furrever home. One hungry day, I smelled the aroma of a freshly baked pizza and started to follow the delivery guy.

When Seran, whom I didn’t know before then, opened the door of her house to welcome the pizza, I immediately rushed in. My cute fluffy appearance and obvious smooth vibing character caused me to be adopted right from the start. I simply was too cute for her to shoo away.


Acting like a Dog, Drooling like a Fool

You could describe me as a high-spirited feline being, energetic and always excited. My cat mom always says that I act like a dog. Especially when she puts on my harness and takes me for a walk, she is much intrigued by my dog-like behavior.


The walkies in the sun with my mom are my favourite moments of the day. Of course, I start each day by waking my mom up to get me breakfast.

Nobody is purrfect from the outside, neither me. My front teeth are way too big for my mouth. This caused me to be unable to close it properly. Therefore, I also drool a lot. Again, just like a dog.

Being Outside, Enjoying Others

Seran, Helen, Alice and I are living in a forest area of Marmaris. There are a lot of plants and various other animals everywhere. I have a penchant for smelling flowers, chasing bugs, and tracking other cats.

Sometimes I get to see sheep, tortoises, foxes, and birds too. Every day is a new adventure for me.


Territorial Growls

My meowmy's brother lives next door. His family has ten cats and two dogs. He and my mom Seran are also taking care of stray animals there.

I am quite familiar with the smell of my neighbouring cats and dogs. I stay friendly and do not attack them. However, if an outsider, for instance a cat from somewhere else, passes by, I could become very territorial and angry.

Catfluencing Meowdel

Though I'm full of energy, I also can sit still and love to pose. My mom noticed this and began taking pictures of me for social media.

As catfluencing meowdel you have to be active all the time, which can be challenging in terms of time investment. A thing which I do not like is wearing accessories on me. I make an exception for my blue duckies bandana which is my favourite.

My Tips and Tricks

To aspiring catfluencers and their cat pawrents, it is wise not to force us to do certain stuff. It should be all-natural, and shooting video and photo material works best when we, the cats, are enjoying the moment.


When you are in these joyous moments, just be creative as pawsible and have fun together! Toys and treats can be great incentives to get things done.

Learn also from others, and follow as many cat and pet accounts as you can to create a community. Educate yourself on the way of working with other petfluencers.


Kindness to You All

My wish for other cats out there in the world is to live in peace and health. My mom and I hope that all stray cats and dogs will eventually find a warm home and a nice family. We wish all animals to live in a world of kindness.

You can follow me on my Instagram account Mochi Furriends! Thank you!

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