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Poppy, a FIP survivor!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello, pawrents, readers and cat lovers out there! Today we uncover Poppy’s inspiring battle with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). FIP is an infection with feline coronavirus. If your furry friend is currently struggling with FIP like Poppy, then keep reading to find out the real-life experience of a FIP survivor!

Poppy lives in New Hampshire, United States of America and her pawrents are @aanndreann and @dem0nkaze. She is a lovely Siberian cat with a playful personality. Nonetheless, not even her charm was enough to protect her from FIP.

Signs of FIP

Poppy suffered from FIP shortly after she started marking her territory. This was shortly followed by fever and diarrhoea. At first, Poppy’s pawrents were not too concerned. However, Poppy had recurrent symptoms a week later: she lost her appetite and her usual vivacity. Perhaps even worse, poor Poppy could neither play nor groom herself. Distressed by Poppy’s symptoms, her pawrents took her to the clinic. The vets noticed that her tummy was swollen and that there was fluid in her stomach. This happens frequently to newly neutered cats because the immune system is weakened during this sensitive age. In Poppy’s case, the virus spread through her body like wildfire.

The Recovery Journey

Luckily, her parents heard about the medication for FIP. Without hesitation, they checked Poppy in for treatment the same day she received her diagnosis. FIP medication is administrated through vaccination. So, Poppy was vaccinated against FIP and, after a few doses, she got better! Eventually, Poppy switched to capsule treatments because she hated the injections. After all, who would want to be poked with a weird metal thing for months on end? Try that for yourself huuuman! In fact, it took three months of medication and three more of monitoring and testing but Poppy has now officially recovered. Poppy went through so much pain, and we want to officially congratulate her for her bravery !!! If you want to also congratulate Poppy, you can contact her on Instagram at: @pops.meow.

On Poppy's Instagram, you will find more information about her and more photos showcasing her beauty!!!

Are you the pawrent of a cat struggling with FIP? Read more about FIP here. For further questions contact us @CatSwoppr.

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