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The Furrtastic Five: Shin, Shiya, Simsim, Tiger, and Seven

A Qatari Cat Family 🖤🤍🧡🐯7️⃣

Among the urban landscape of, Doha, Qatar, there is a family of cats living together: Shin Shiya, Simsim, Tiger, and Seven. This family was formed in 2023 when the cats were adopted by their current pawrents, Mahmoud and Aya.

The first cat welcomed by the couple was Shin. Shin was found in the street by Aya and Mahmoud in July. They immediately fell in love with him and decided to keep him. They were ecstatic to have Shin in their home and spend lots of time together caring for Shin. Not long after they rescued Shin, in August, they adopted Simsim, a cute orange cat. They formed a happy family of four!

Later on, Mahmoud and Aya started considering adopting another cat. After all, if they can take care of two cats, they can for sure look after another one! So, in September of the same year, they rescued Shiya, a white cat with beautiful heterochromatic eyes.

They thought that they already formed a complete family with Shin, Shiya, and Simsim. However, when destiny brought into their lives Tiger and Seven they could not resist and in the end, the two cats joined the family in October 2023.

Cat-eristics of the Siblings 🖤

Shin is the wise elder sibling who is happy to play the father figure to Tiger and Seven. Therefore, the bond between these three is unbreakable! They love to cuddle and snuggle up together.

Shin, Seven and Tiger

Shiya, on the other hand, dislikes being serious. A nonconformist by nature, Shiya defies even the cat language. Unlike the usual “meow”, he opts for a distinctive “Ngak! Ngak!” which never fails to bring a smile to Mahmoud and Aya.


Shiya, however, tends to be a bit shy around people and other cats. When visitors drop by, he is quick to find refuge under the bed. He reemerges out of his hiding spot once the coast is clear. This may be related to his past life. Mahmoud and Aya believe he had a rough time during his months on the streets before he was rescued, and it took some time to earn his trust. That’s why the pawrents are careful to expose him to different environments, like the zoo or the farm.


Simsim is the singer of the family. He undoubtedly has the most adorable meow you’ve ever heard! He also loves to cuddle with Mahmoud and Aya! If he spots any of the pawrents lying down, he’ll come over, rest his head and drift off to sleep.


Tiger, is the foodie and toy enthusiast in the bunch. He is crazy about his toy crab and he loves to attempt conquering the refrigerator. His meows suggest he's never had a meal in his entire life, even though we know that's far from the truth!


Lastly, we have Seven, and we must warn you —this little guy is quite the farter! Rest assured, he's in great health, extremely playful, and occasionally likes to play the role of the playful instigator.

Living with Five Cat Children 🤍

Living with five cats under one roof is an absolute blast! Every day is an adventure. From playful antics to snuggly cuddles, this family experiences no dull moment!


When it comes to parenting strategies, Aya and Mahmoud complement each other. Aya cares for the cats with love and tenderness. Responsible and diligent, she is in charge of feeding and bathing. Mahmoud, on the other hand, loves entertaining the cats. He loves playing with the cats and partaking in various mischievous activities, especially with Shin.


Both Aya and Mahmoud make sure to give each cat enough opportunities to explore the outside world. Thus, except for Tiger and Seven who are still kittens, they take each cat out, in turns.

Mahmoud and Aya’s Wish for Cats Around the World 🧡

“We hope that every cat around the world can feel the warmth of love and companionship, finding safe havens with caring families who will never leave them behind. Especially here in Doha, where the summer heat can be tough, we see too many cats abandoned. Thankfully, our furry family members bring us joy and comfort. 🐯


From our family to yours: we feel incredibly fortunate to have our five feline friends enriching our lives. They fill our days with laughter and happiness, and we cherish every one of them equally.7️⃣


No matter what, they always perk up at the sight of birds! 🐦” Mahmoud and Aya, Doha, Qatar, March 2024.


You can follow Shin, Shiya, Simsim, Tiger, and Seven on their Instagram account.

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