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Unveiling the Heart of Kat Eyes Rescue - Saima's Journey


Meet Saima Javed, the compassionate soul behind Kat Eyes Rescue dedicated to championing the welfare of felines. She resides in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Her story is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering love for cats.

FIP Cat Warrior Program

Saima's expertise lies in combating Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) globally. As a FIP warrior admin, she guides parents through treatments and diagnosis, filling the gap where veterinary knowledge falls short.

Cat Shelter/Rescue Story

For six years, House of Paws Shelter (known as Kat Eyes on Facebook) has been Saima's haven. It all began with a stray cat seeking refuge, sparking Saima's rescue journey. Witnessing the struggles of these felines firsthand ignited her passion for rescue work.

The Condition of the Shelter

With a capacity for over 300 cats, Kat Eyes Rescue provides a comfortable environment, complete with cat furniture and a catio for sunshine and fresh air. Saima's commitment extends to providing in-shelter treatment, although vet visits are necessary for specialized care when it comes to x-rays or blood tests.

Daily Routine

With no hired help, Saima and her family shoulder the responsibilities. Daily tasks include meticulous litter cleaning, administering treatments, and ensuring the well-being of every resident, including FIP cats housed separately.


Despite facing countless challenges, Saima believes that FIP remains the most formidable obstacle, which requires constant vigilance and expensive treatments to combat effectively. Additionally, sourcing essential medications, like GS, proves difficult in Pakistan's market,.

Future Goals

Saima envisions a sanctuary equipped with advanced facilities and treatment plans to better serve cats in need. Her background in dentistry has equipped her with invaluable insights into feline health, furthering her mission.

Donation Situation

Despite her tireless efforts, Saima's work relies heavily on personal funds and support from close friends. With minimal community assistance, we hope this blog will shed light on her cause, encouraging support and donations from a wider audience.

Saima's dedication to feline welfare knows no bounds. Through Kat Eyes Rescue, she continues to be a beacon of hope for cats in need, embodying the spirit of compassion and resilience. Join us in supporting Saima's mission and making a difference in the lives of our beloved feline companions. 

Follow Saima and her Kat Eyes Rescue on Instagram. You can make a donation to Kat Eyes Rescue via Paypal or via GoFundMe.

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