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Vigilante Lizzie To Be Evicted

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

A picture of Lizzie from Indonesia which shows her feeding the cats she takes care of
Lizzie Feeding Her Cats

In a previous article, we wrote about Lizzie, an Indonesian woman who sells soap to make ends meet for herself and the nearly 70 stray cats she takes care of on her own. Now, her situation got even more complicated. As if surviving a pandemic and an earthquake on the minimum wage was not enough, Lizzie and her furry friends are faced with yet another challenge: Lizzie’s landlord!

Abusive Landlord Asks for 2500 Dollars

After publishing the article last Friday, I texted Lizzie to check on her. Strong like always, she assured me that she and the cats are doing fine. Yet, as I was about to write that she can contact us if she needs further help, I received a long text from Lizzie. In it, she was very humbly asking if I can help her set up a gofoundme page because she needs more donations. After some further inquiries, Lizzie confessed that she needs 3000$ urgently. What was more shocking than the number of zeros behind that number was the reason - her landlord asked her to pay an entire year of rent or else he will kick her out:

Lizzie washes everyday the litters of her cats to make sure they are happy, healthy and clean
Dozens of Litter Boxes Washed by Lizzie

My heart is restless! I almost fainted when my landlord said I have to pay 2500$ to keep renting the place while I still owe the vet clinic 400$!

Scams Everywhere: Rental Laws and Hacked Paypal

When Lizzie told me that her landlord wants to make her pay the worth of one year of rent as soon as possible, I asked if she can perhaps get in touch with a lawyer. Of course, lawyers cost an arm and a leg, but Lizzie deserves justice! However, my research in Indonesian rental law disappointed me. According to GlobalPropertyGuide and FLOKQ, in Indonesia, it is common practice to pay the equivalent of rent for the amount of time you plan to stay. Furthermore, GlobalPropertyGuide made it seem like rental laws are vague and easy to twist around, so I quickly understood why Lizzie is not ecstatic at the idea of pursuing legal actions.

Her troubles with her landlord are not, however, the only scam she is currently facing. After she made her PayPal account public to make it easier for people to donate, someone fraudulently asked to withdraw 700$ from her account!

Part of Lizzie's cats like to stay outside to sleep and enjoy the sun
Lizzie's Cats on Her Porch

Cats Over Family

Till now Lizzie never asked people to donate for her rent. She dutifully worked both for her job and for her cats, so the donations could be used exclusively to pay for the expensive medical procedures of the cats. Day after day, Lizzie cleans dozens of litters, feeds the cats and even plays with them, but now Lizzie admits that she needs help. She tried to ask her relatives to lend a hand, but they refused:

‘The cats depend on me! I see abused cats everywhere I go, I cannot let them in the street! My family said they can take me in if I get evicted, but the cats need to go!’

Help Lizzie Help Cats

Lizzie could give up her mission and simply go on and live with her family in a comfortable house. Yet, she is ready to sacrifice having a roof over her shoulders for her cats! In return, I am sure we can all sacrifice a few dollars from our wallets to help Lizzie keep doing her activist work. Help Lizzie gather 3000$ by donating here.

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