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YAYASAN LUNI Lombok; Caring for animals on Gili Islands, Indonesia

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

CatSwoppr recently got in contact with LUNI Lombok, an Indonesian charity located on the Gili Islands. You might recognize their sister charity in Singapore, which we recently wrote an article on! LUNI Lombok focuses on TNR-ing/sterilizing (trap-and-neutering) cats, providing medical care to wildlife rescue, as well as providing food and drinking water for over 500 stray cats. We spoke to Bu Reni, one of the founders and manager of the Cat Café & Shop.

Who is LUNI Lombok?

LUNI Lombok is the first and only, veterinary clinic on the Gili Islands. They were established about a year ago. They offer free treatment for stray animals and affordable vet services for owned animals. Before joining the charity, Bu Reni was feeding stray cats on the street herself, until she and a few friends decided to go official and get registered as a charity.

Bu Reni and the other workers start their day at 7:30, cleaning out the cages, litter boxes, and food and drink bowls to keep everything hygienic for the cats. With the help of donations, they are able to keep prices low to stay accessible for all pet owners. While primarily treating cats, they also work with rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, cows, goats, snakes, and other wildlife. Besides their veterinary services, feedings, providing drinking water for island animals they are passionate about rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife. Often they are called to rescue large pythons who have no more space to live safely on the Gili islands and are often killed. LUNI Lombok brings them to a national park in Lombok where they can live in a much more natural habitat.

What kind of things do they do?

LUNI Lombok has an ongoing sterilization program to help the stray population on all of the Gili Islands. This is helping tremendously in keeping the population healthy and in control. They run an educational program as well as internships for new vets and vet students. In addition to their rescue and rehabilitation center, they also run a Cat Café & Shop for visitors!

The Cat Cafe at LUNI Lombok is a “simple, comfortable place where you can hang out with cats and kittens” - maybe you even meet your future cat! You can also buy cute cat souvenirs, food to feed stray cats, and other cat supplies. All profits from the Cat Café help out the stray population directly. In addition to these profits, LUNI Lombok takes donations to care for stray cats.

How can you help?

Bu Reni told CatSwoppr that she hopes “the foundation will gain more recognition” and that they will reach people who are interested in helping out. If you are interested in donating or learning more about LUNI Lombok, you can find their website here. They are also active on their Instagram @luni_lombok.

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